January 29, 2006

Babies come to see Maggie (and their parents, too)

Here's some pics of other babies that wanted to welcome Maggie into the world. Melissa and I would also like to thank everyone else who visited us in the hospital. Don't worry, your pics are coming too.

But, for now, check out Zayli, Seth and Dixie's little bundle of tax rebate joy. By the way Seth, isn't she a tax credit? She seems to be saying, "let's be buds, my Dad's weird too so we'll have lots to talk about."

Lydia wasn't really interested in showing her adorable face. She was gracious and gave the limelight to Maggie (this time). Instead, she decided to moon the camera. But, trust me, it's her.

Jake was cruising the new-born wing looking for hot babes when room number 3203 caught his eye. He said, "hey Mom and Dad, check her out!" So, Matt and Kathy decided to visit too.

Maggie is born!

Many people who received Maggie's birth email didn't get pictures. Instead, they got code. But, that issue has been resolved by using my work email. But, for others who didn't get an email or who haven't checked their email yet, here's a blog with similar pics. There will be more later.


January 25, 2006

Belly Pictures

Here are some belly pictures. Beware, there is a little (OK, a lot) of skin in one of these, but I think it is tasteful. It really is such a miracle, pregnancy and birth. Very soon Tyler and I are going to meet the little person that has been growing inside me for the past nine months.

We went to the doctor today, and found out that we're being induced on Friday, 1/27/06. I can't believe it! We'll be meeting Maggie in just two days. The past nine months have just flown by. I've really enjoyed being pregnant, and look forward to being a Mom, but it's kind of a scary thought, Tyler and I being parents!

Poor Jealous Kitty!

Thor really is going to have a hard time adjusting to a new baby. I put the stroller together last week, and had it sitting in our rec room, and he decided it was his. He's just such a cute cat, I hated to make him get out of the stroller, so I took pictures instead!

January 14, 2006

There's a cat on my baby!

My belly is the cats' favorite place to sit these days. This is a picture of Thor sitting on my belly one evening. I've woken up in the morning with Blitz sleeping on my belly, too. I hope they don't think they can sleep on Maggie once she's born.