March 27, 2006

I am two months old now!

Maggie is two months old now. Wow! It has been a wonderful two months. Here is a cute photo I snapped of her.

How DID she do that?!?!?!?!

Look what I found this morning at 2am when I went her room in to feed her because she woke up and was fussing (this photo is a reenactment of that event, I did not actually have my camera ready to go in the middle of the night).

Ok. Maggie is 2 months today, 3/27/06. So, at two months, she cannot yet crawl, or sit up and can't even really grab anything with her hands. So will someone please tell me how on EARTH she was able to:
-get out from under her covers (I tuck them in under her sleep positioner really tight)
-wiggle out of the sleep positioner I put her in
-wiggle all the way to the edge of the bed
-and end up at a 90-degree angle from how she was put in bed
Honestly. I was so shocked I let her keep fussing for a minute while I roused Tyler from a good night's sleep just to confirm what I was seeing!

March 24, 2006

Maggie's Room - pictures at last

Sorry these photos are so late. I didn't have her room done by the time she was born, but Gramma Spaid was extra helpful and we got it 95% done while she was here. I have been waiting on the weather to cooperate so I can paint some wooden letters that spell out her name, but it's not been above 50 for a week or two now. I picked out the fabrics at JoAnn's last fall. Tyler did all the painting (I taped). My friend Janet made the crib bumpers for it, I designed and made the crib skirt, and Amron made the valance. The photos start to the right of the door and go clockwise around the room. I'll post pictures of the letters once I paint and hang them.

March 23, 2006

What's with the mega poops?!?!?

Ok, Maggie is going through a "phase" where she only poops every couple of days. Last week she had a HUGE blowout and I realized she probably needed to be in size 1 diapers, not newborns. So we move up diaper sizes. Moving up diaper sizes only works when your baby poops on a daily basis. NO diaper can handle a 5-day stockpile of poop. See proof below. There was so much it shot out the back. She waited until Daddy left this morning to do her deed, so Mama could gag over cleaning this one. Poor baby had to have a bath after all that pooping!

March 22, 2006

Friday Night Game Night

How do we spend Friday nights now, you may ask? Like this - holding our little squawking Magpie! Our favorite game is the pacifier game. She cries, we put it in her mouth, she sucks on it for an undetermined amount of time, and she spits it out. Then she starts crying because she doesn't have her pacifier, so we put it back in and start the whole thing over. It's very entertaining, especially when she gets that bottom lip involved!

Morning, Maggie!

When Maggie decides she is not going to wake up, she scrunches up her face in protest. Her face mostly looks real fat in this picture, but in reality she has a really grumpy, scrunched-up face. So cute!

March 17, 2006

What's that in my hand?

Mama put a rattle in Maggie's hand this morning. She shook it around a bit, but was more entertained by a spot on the coffee table than the rattle. She can bat at things that are close by with a little bit of control, but her movements are still mostly spastic flailings. Her parents are waiting for purposeful touching/grabbing/swatting. We are 7 weeks today! Yay!

Faces of Maggie

Here are some faces that Maggie makes. Of course, her big smiles are fleeting and Mama has a hard time getting them on camera. But, these are cute nonetheless. Maggie is looking forward to her trip to Seattle in just a few short weeks! Maybe the little bit of rain will help her hair grow!

March 9, 2006

It's Electric! - or was it?!?!?

Lightning stuck this beautiful tree in my backyard at 5:04pm! Maggie and I gotten home only 20 minutes earlier, and we park our Explorer really close to this tree. Luckily we were inside when I heard a huge "whump!" (imagine it with lots of air and force behind it). My initial thought was that a wind gust blew off the roof of our covered patio. We were very lucky that the tree was just a couple of feet too short to hit the house or the fence or the truck.

Here is a photo Tyler took the next day. I'm not sure that the tree was struck by lightning now. My Dad suggested that it might've been a wind shear that knocked it down. Regardless, the tree has become firewood.

March 8, 2006

Guardian Cats

Blitz (orange) and Thor (brown & black) have taken to guarding Maggie when she is on her play mat. Both of these pictures were taken within 30 minutes of each other.
I guess this was a bad angle for Maggie. Her little bottom is nowhere near as big as it looks in these photos!

March 3, 2006

More smiles from Maggie for my birthday

My baby girl is smiling more and more every day, here is one from my birthday - after dinner, after changing her diaper. She likes to look at Eli the elephant on her changing table and she'll coo at it and smile. I was able to get this smile on camera - one of the few!

This other picture is a good representation of how Maggie spent my entire birthday dinner out. Asleep. No screaming or crying in a public place, no happy cooing and smiling, no gas or burps, NOTHING. She was totally out. She will sleep anywhere any time except in her crib between the hours of 10pm - midnight daily. We've really got to get this night owl on a Mama-friendly schedule!

Bath Time!

Ok, maybe Maggie really DOES like bath time - look at that happy face she made for Mama. Except she doesn't like it in the tub. She likes it in the kitchen sink! This bath she smiled, cooed, and had a great time! It was so much fun. Now all we need is a bigger kitchen sink, she is going to outgrow this one very shortly. You will note that we censored this photo. I'm sure when she's a teenager she would not appreciate a picture of her business.