July 31, 2007

The Spaids as Simpsons

Ok, I know our friends Matt & Kathy already did what they'd look like as Simpsons, but Tyler wanted to do us. Here we are:
It was hardest to to Maggie's hair. We went with a wispy old-man 'do.

July 30, 2007

That is NOT why we got you that pool!

Ugh. Both on Saturday and Sunday, on the way out the door to go somewhere Maggie walked over to her pool and dunked lamb. I'm telling you what, New Lamb is getting a workout. Now, I know what you're thinking "why did you let her do that?" It's not a matter of letting her do it, it's a matter of speed. She zooms off course and commits the felony before we even have time to act.

Sleeping Beauty

Most nights before I go to bed, I check in on Maggie to make sure she's covered up but mostly just so I can see her or hold her (yep, sometimes I just pick her right up out ofher crib and hold her for a couple of minutes while she's alseep) one more time. She was SOUND asleep here, with her arms behind her head, looking so relaxed, so I had to take a picture! The flash didn't even wake her up.

It's moments like this, catching her in her sleep, that make my heart just well up with emotion. I still can't believe I have my own little human walking around in my life!

July 29, 2007

Singing the "yeah, yeah, yeah's"

Maggie loves to sing and dance. Saturday morning she put on quite a show, and kept it up even after I got the camera out. I'm pretty sure she won't ever sing the soprano part in choir, she'll be an alto like her Mama.

July 26, 2007

Doing the Dinner Dishes

Tyler was doing the dishes after dinner tonight and Maggie started saying "bub-oh, bub-oh" over and over. She wanted the bubbles in the sink! So - we plopped her on the counter and Tyler kept working. Maggie had a blast playing in the bubbles and dishwater while Tyler tried to finish up.

(please ignore the incredibly UGLY wood paneling behind the sink. I keep saying I'll tile over it, and never get around to it)

Maggie is also 18 months now. Here are some stats: 23 pounds, 7.5 ounces (50%); about 34 inches tall (95%).
Words: Mama, Dada, Mommy, baby, bub-oh (bubbles), uh-oh, no, yeah, boo-boo, whewie (owie), juice, buh-buh (bye-bye), tee-tee (kitty), dis/das (this), whatsit, tat-doh (thank you).

July 24, 2007

Melissa's secret pasttime

It was a fairly well-hidden secret untl early this summer that I was a Harry Potter fan. I don't mean robe-wearing, wand-carrying book-quoting nerderola; but I really enjoyed the movies so I read the books. So, when the final book was announced, I pre-ordered my book (way back in April!), and during the past several weeks have been rereading through the ENTIRE series (which is well over 3,000 pages) in preparation for the final book's release. Poor Tyler, I was really behind last week, so ALL I DID was read - no laundry, very little cleaning the house - just reading and taking care of Maggie.

Friday morning (July 20) I went to Borders where I had preordered my book and got my wristband, so I could come back that night to wait in line to get the book right after midnight. I finished reading book 6 that afternoon and Friday night I got to Borders at about 10:30 p.m. to get in line. I perused the store for about 1/2 hour watching all the crazies in their costumes, then realized people were already lining up!!! So at 11 I got in line, and there were already like 100 people in front of me.

Well, the midnight bell tolled, and we were off! Everyone was hooting and hollering as the line wound it's way up to the cashiers (they were smart and had every register open). I got my book & free poster and was back to my car at 12:15. Here's a picture for proof.
I got home at 12:30, read until 4:30, slept until 7 when maggie woke up, started reading at 7:30 when Tyler took Maggie out to breakfast, read until 10:45, got cleaned up for the day, gave Maggie lunch, met a woman about wedding flowers, then got back home at 1:30, and tended to Maggie and read at the same time and finished the book at 5:30. It was really good! I won't ruin the ending for anyone, but I thought it tied up all the loose ends.

Not Paying Attention

This is another example of what happens when I don't watch Maggie like a hawk. Cupcake papers all over the place. Luckily she can't get the lid off the sprinkles - yet.

July 16, 2007

Time for Art

This weekend I bought Maggie a pack of markers. I thought they would be a fun change from crayons, which requies us to stand guard so she doesn't eat them. Markers are a lot messier, so I took off her shirt before putting her in my lap at the computer desk for some art time. Here are her latest masterpieces: "scribble du'jour", and "painted belly" (you have to look between her fingers).

I tried to keep her from drawing on her belly, but she's quick! Each time she put a marker on her belly she'd say "oh" like she knew it was naughty. =)

Also, she is still exhibiting right-handed tendencies, which is a big let-down for the DeWaard crowd (me, too), I know. I was hoping she'd be a lefty like her Mama.

July 11, 2007

I Love Me Some Watermelon

Maggie loves watermelon, and I mean LOVES it! Sunday night we had Home Fellowship at our house and feasted on leftover BBQ and accoutrements. Tyler decided to let Maggie hold her own wedge of watermelon. It was so darn cute! And I daresay it would've been cuter had it not been for the mess. =)

July 8, 2007

Tyler's Big Three-Oh!!!

Saturday we celebrated Tyler's 30th birthday (his real birthday was 7/3). I invited a bunch of our friends and we had a great time! We had real BBQ pulled pork and potato salad, green salad, baked beans and watermelon. I am not good with surprises with Tyler, he usually finds out about them before hand (this was not a surprise party) but I did keep two this year: friends came that had recently moved away, and BBQ. He thought we were just having burgers and hot dogs, so when Dixie showed up with two trays full of pulled pork it was a real treat.

Pre-dinner festivities: playing in the pool.
Everyone chowing down on YUMMY King's Pig BBQ pork. It Rocked!
Lovely after-dinner watermelon face.
Another fun thing was swinging on the hammock. They are from left to right: Jake Lott, Evi Yates, Nyah Dunn, Zoe Yates, Maggie.
Kathy and I light all 30 candles it took a LONG time to light those puppies. Tyler blowing out his fire hazard cake!
Although the humidity didn't die down in the evening, we still braved the heat and sat outside on the patio. It was a really nice night!

Happy birthday, Tyler!

July 5, 2007

George Washington and the 4th

Ok, so you all can tell from the pictures that Maggie just doesn't have a ton of hair. I've come to terms with that and have learned to not be jealous of my neice's and all my friends' kids hair. This past week she finally reached the hair-thickness-requirement for bows!!! They will stay in on top as long as: 1) she does not pull it out, 2) she is not super active (so basically she can just barely wear one for about 15 minutes at a time).

BUT - the hair at the back of her head and nape of her neck is getting a litle long, it touches her shoulders when it's wet. For the 4th of July, we tried a new hairstyle: the George Washington. You know, little pony tail with a bow? It was so darn cute, and Maggie didn't realize the bow was there, so it stayed in for a good portion of the morning.
We celebrated the 4th on the 3rd with Tyler's work. His boss had a big party at his house for the company replete with patriotic decor, Southern BBQ, a band, pony rides, a petting zoo, blow-up slide and AWESOME fireworks. Maggie enjoyed it all. Even the fireworks. She laid on the blanket and just watched, and didn't seem to mind the gun-shot-style noises they made. Notice that Tyler is sitting on the TOP of the playground and reaching down to swing Maggie.

July 2, 2007

Saturday Night Special

Dixie, Seth & Zayli came over for dinner Saturday night. Zaylie and Maggie had a BALL together! I have never heard more laughing! The proof is in the video:

VBS last week

Last week my friend, Dixie, and I herded around 13 1st graders for Vacation Bible School at our church. Maggie and Dixie's little girl, Zayli (rhymes with Bailey), had a great time in the nursery with the little kids who aren't old enough to do VBS yet. I left my camera with the ladies in the nursery Weds- Fri so they could take pictures of the kids.

Maggie LOVED snack time!
Maggie and Zayli enjoy some reading.
How the nursery staff got all those little kids to hold onto that rope is beyond me! Here they are on their way out the door to the playground.
Playing on the seesaw: Emma, Maggie and Zayli.
The quad stroller can be a lifesaver! You can pile it full of kids and push them around to get them to calm down (as long as they aren't leaning over and poking each other!)
Do you see what I see?! Maggie with a POPSICLE!!! I guess sometimes it's better to think they are getting a nutritional snack when they don't tell you what they ate, than to find out when you put load the pictures onto your computer that your daughter got to eat a stick of sugar for a snack. =) I guess since she doesn't really talk yet and she can't ask for a popsicle at home it'll be alright.