December 23, 2009

Christmas Program at Mother's Day Out

Last Thursday (12/17) Maggie's Mother's Day Out had their annual Christmas program. Maggie got to be a lamb. I thought that was quite appropriate! For most of the songs she mumbled just a little bit, but towards the end she got more comfortable and started singing

You can see the shadows of the shepherds on the wall behind her.
Maggie was checking out the girl who played the angel in the nativity.
Sitting with her "herd" of lambs and other animals waiting to go on stage.
Singing "Jingle Bells."
Everyone singing "Joy to the World". So cute!
Daddy made it to her program. She was so happy to see him.
Grampa John was still in town helping me after my surgery, not sure who that other guy in the background is.

Enjoying the buffet of snacks. She kept hopping around from friend to friend to eat with them.

December 16, 2009

We've got name-writing!

Maggie has stunned me once again with writing her name. All of a sudden, she's writing it all over the place.

This was the VERY FIRST time she wrote her name, on a card for Uncle Brian. Out of the blue, no notice given, no practice tries, she just wrote it. So sweet!

She wrote her name on the back of her party favor on Saturday.
At Mother's Day Out she decided to write it completely backwards.


I am recovering from my knee surgery. Below I've outlined a brief timeline of the past week.
Last Tuesday: checked in at the surgery center at 9:15 as instructed.
9:30 taken back to change into a lovely paper gown, given an IV and a bed.
12:30 (that's right, 3 hours later) Tyler is finally brought back. The admitting nurse forgot to bring him back.
2:30 anesthesiologist comes back to get me ready for surgery. The last thing I remember after they put the meds in my IV is the nurse asking if I was tired yet, and my reply was "No, I don't feel tired."
6:00 (or thereabouts) some nurse is roughing me up trying to get me to put my clothes on. I remember nothing of the past hour in recovery. Surgery went well, the doctor told Tyler several items that he could not remember.
That evening, I vaguely remember eating dinner, but I slept through most of it. I do remember yelling out to Tyler to "make sure to put the teacups away." We don't have any teacups - I was dreaming, but still talking out loud. Gotta love those pain meds!
Wednesday: slept most of the day. Took a lot of pain medication because it felt like I was being stabbed over and over any time I tried to get out of bed.
Thursday: finally able to stay awake for any period of time.
Friday: Mom went home. first time out of the house - went to my first post-surgery physical therapy appointment. It went well. Had Maggie to myself all afternoon. Let's not talk about how much TV I let her watch.
Saturday: have no idea what we did. Hmmm.
Sunday: made Tyler take me to church, and then home fellowship. Tyler's dad flies in.
Monday: First day not on pain meds. Yay! Clarity! Physical therapy went well, leg is still sore.
Tuesday: We drove out to see the progress on the house. Lookin' good. Forgot my camera - dang!
Wednesday: follow-up with the doctor and stitches out. He showed me all kinds of pictures they took during surgery of the inside of my knee. It was fascinating! I should've asked for copies, I could have posted them on the blog! I have been cleared to fly home for Christmas.

December 8, 2009

Today is the Big Day!

Hey internetz, I'm leaving the house shortly for my knee surgery. I'll let you know how it all goes.

December 3, 2009

Knee Update

Hey everyone, my surgery got bumped from tomorrow to Tuesday (12/8). Monday the doctor said I needed to have more mobility in my knee before surgery, because going in for knee surgery with a stiff knee makes it more likely that I would end up not regaining full mobility afterwards! And while I was disappointed in having to delay my surgery, I really don't want to have any additional problems (I inflict enough of my own). So next Tuesday it is.

Today in physical therapy I was able to get my knee to bend far enough to meet the doctor's criteria. It always feels like it is not moving as far as I want it to, so it was quite a happy shock!

And I am continually humbled and thankful for how much help all of my friends and the church have been throughout all of this. I have more people who want to help than I have need right now, it is just amazing. The Lord always provides what I need, right when I need it.