February 27, 2006


Maggie is smiling more and more these days. They are very hard to get on camera though. This is about as close as we've gotten to capturing a melt-your-heart smile that she is famous for.

2/27/06 - one month old

Here are pictures of Maggie taken just 20 minutes ago. She is smiling a lot now, and has been going through a bit of a growth spurt, methinks. Likes: eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours, waking her mother up at 3-hour intervals at night to eat, pooping a lot, cuddling with anyone who will hold her! Dislikes: baths (for the most part), getting her diaper changed, having her clothes changed, losing her pacifier.
She is a wonderful baby, and so easy going. We are so thankful for her!

Jungle Princess

Here is Maggie in one of my favorite outfits - an leopard print dress with black onesie and tights! She was so cute in it. Unfortunately an episode of spit-up kept me from getting a better picture. I'll have to dress her up in it again to get some more shots!

February 21, 2006

How Mama Gets Ready

This is how Mama gets ready in the morning, with Maggie in her bouncy seat or swing in the bathroom. She'd probably be fine in her crib, but just in case...

My cousin Alexis

My cousin Alexis convinced her mommy that she needed to come see me as soon as possible. So, Auntie Tara and Alexis came to vist me this past weekend. We had lots of fun together - we laid on blankets, had lots of pictures taken, got lots of kisses, had some fun in the snow, did a little bit of crying and I even got my belly button while she was here! Even better, it snowed, so Alexis got to see what that was like. I don't think it ever snows in Phoenix. All in all, it was a great visit. I sure do love my Auntie and cousin a whole lot! I am sure we will have lots more fun together when we can crawl and walk and get into trouble.

February 19, 2006

We've got a belly button!

Maggie's umbilicus fell off early Saturday morning, so she finally has a belly button! Isn't it so cute? I have to say that the process of it falling off caused quite a bit of trauma to her mama, though. The first time I saw a little bit of blood around it as it started to detatch on Friday afternoon made me burst out in tears. I KNOW that it doesn't hurt her, but the sight of blood on my little baby was too much to handle! Good thing Auntie Tara was staying with us to help me out. So, early Saturday morning we found your belly button during a diaper change. Who knew it would be so cute?!?!

February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'd like to think that Maggie wishes you all a very happy Valentine's Day, but from some of these pictures, I'd say that is not the case! She didn't want to pose for pictures, either before or after she ate, so these will have to do, even if she is giving me the stink-eye in the second picture. We certainly love this little girl and are so thankful she is ours!

February 9, 2006

First Major Outing

Our first "real" outing with Maggie (not to the doctor) was to church on Sunday, February 5th. She charmed the socks off of everyone, in her sleep! She slept the entire car ride there, the whole service, and the car ride home. Yay! Can you tell that I didn't get a ton of sleep the night before? We were still working on sleeping more than 2 hours at a time.
Note the very cool diaper bag. I love that thing!

Our Baby Girl

Here is a cute picture of our sleeping beauty, Maggie, from February 4th. She is such a doll, and is a good sleeper!!! Tyler and I are so blessed to have this beautiful little girl as our daughter. So far she can sleep, eat, poop and cry. How simple and wonderful it is to be a baby. She's got us wrapped around her itty-bitty fingers already.