March 23, 2012

So Much Hair - SOO Unfair

Do you see all that hair?! James' hair is getting thick and wavy, and some mornings he even has bedhead (need to remember to get a picture of that). His hair is already thicker than Maggie's was at 3 years old I bet. Must've inherited his Daddy's hair - I have a lot of hair, but it is fine. Tyler used to have thick wavy locks of blonde. Yes, I said locks. Most of you probably don't remember the long hair from freshman year... hard to picture, even harder not to laugh. But hey, it was the grunge era in Seattle at the time. He had long hair, I had long hair, we both wore flannels WITH our Birkenstocks, and it still all worked out.

March 20, 2012


The 2nd week of March they had the annual AWANA games - and as a Sparky, she "competed" in the Sparks-A-Rama. It was pretty cute. I don't think she really knew what was going on, but she had a LOT of fun. Especially when she got her ribbon for FOURTH Place (4th of 4 teams, by the way).
Ready to go.
 Here's James not enjoying Cubbie Bear. He hooted and hollered and pointed and squealed with glee every time he saw Cubby Bear, until he got up close. Even after this unhappy hold, he still got excited when he saw Cubby. 
Ready for the first game. It was some kind of free-for-all crawling event. 
Relay time.

SO very happy with her ribbon and patch for her Sparks vest. A fun Saturday morning!

March 7, 2012

Year in Pictures

I whipped up a collage picture of James from birth to 11 months. I'll post his 1-year boppy picture soon.

March 3, 2012

James' First Birthday

 I'm getting on it quick this time around! James has had a great birthday. We made his cupcakes last night, I decorated while he slept, opened his presents after breakfast, and had a party for lunch!

Making cupcakes before bed. I tried to give him the spatula I was using- he promptly put his hand in the batter on it. 
 Switched spatulas and got this cute photo of him putting his hand in the blender. It was not running, for the record.
 Decorated for the party! His gifts out and ready for the next morning.

 Not my very best creative work, but the cupcakes were good! Homemade buttercream frosting.

 Checking out his new CAT ride-on. It even came with tools he can use on it when he's older. So fun to get stuff that isn't pink, purple or covered in sparkles and princesses! 
I think we picked a good gift! He loved it.
Daddy taking him on his inaugural ride. 
We got him a pillow pet, too. It was soft - and got lots of cuddles. 

Teaching good manners- gotta open and read the cards before we can open your gift.

 Here we all are! Celebrating such a wonderful moment with our little family.
 Party time! Had to get some love from Dixie.

 Enjoying some homemade pizza and grapes before cupcakes!

 We had lots of little friends - Zayli & Zeke, Pierce (not pictured), Frankie and Isabella (littel Jaydon not pictured), Jack Ruby and Molly (they got there a little late). SO much fun to celebrate with friends.
 Maggie telling James not to touch the candle.
 Getting ready to dive in!
 First bite!
 Maggie is "helping" but really, he could do it on his own.
Enjoying his cupcake!
 Look Ma! I like it!
 He needed some milk - all that chocolate made him thirsty.
 Num! Cupcake all done!

My dear, sweet little boy-
I know you won't always be little and not always want to be with your mama (you're already quite the Daddy's Boy!) but just know I love you so much. You are a daily reminder to me that there is amazing blessing on the other side of trial. Not every blessing given to us by the Lord is so evident as you and your squishy cheeks and loud squeals, sucky lips and chunky thighs are, but they are there. I thank Jesus so often, daily, hourly, for you and how much grace He has shown to our family by granting you to us. You bring happiness to our family in ways I never imagined, and my heart has grown even bigger than I thought it ever could. Your Mommy, Daddy and Sissy love you so very deeply much!