October 28, 2011

Best giggles ever!

October 20, 2011

Enjoyed a sunny moment at the park

I'd say day at the park, but I don't have that much free time right now! We stopped after some errands at a local park we hadn't tried out yet. Maggie ran around with some kids she met and I popped James in a baby swing. He loved it! And I am loving his chunky thighs.

In this one you can see how much hair he's getting! He's going to end up a toehead like his sister, but his is coming in a lot quicker than Maggie's did!

You can see his bottom teeth in this one. He's got the 4 up top to match, too!

October 12, 2011

I am loving his Halloween PJ's. Having fun this morning playing with toys. 

October 8, 2011

Annual Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

This morning we took the chilluns to the pumpkin farm. It was fun to be there this year - it was the perfect weather, not too hot, and James got to sit in a stroller instead of in my uterus (TMI, sorry, couldn't resist).

Maggie enjoyed playing in the corn bins again.

Here's the little man.

 I see TWO turkeys in this picture. 
 The lighting isn't great here, but the sheep eating out of her hand tickled something fierce!

 James playing sack of potatoes.
 Tube slide.
 Corn maze.

All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth

Friday after school Maggie asked me rig up another floss slip-knot so she could yank out her loose tooth. Several tugs and a plea for floss removal later, she gave it one last try and her tooth came out! And once again I couldn't keep it together and cried for just a minute over my baby growing up a little more more.

7 Months and Fantastic

Monday James turned 7 months. He is sitting up pretty well, rolls over and over and over and over, turns and twists, smiles, laughs, babbles, blows tons of bubbles with slobber, and as of today (Saturday) has 7 teeth!!! Here's his boppy picture from Monday.
 Same day, Maggie feeding him some baby puffs. Do they look related?
 And here we have the two most beautiful children I have ever seen. GOODNESS SAKES!
 Same day, riding on Daddy's shoulders, a favorite place to be.
On the flip side of all this happy, there has been a LOT of crying this week with two teeth coming in. I have to constantly remind myself that at some point in the very near future he will be like Maggie who is losing teeth and this is just a phase. Tyler took care of a frazzled Mommy with a date Friday night!

Tyler Had A Visitor Labor Day Weekend

 I can't believe I didn't post these already. Labor Day weekend Tyler's male soul mate, Josh, visited. I took a cue from my friend Niki's husband Greg who corralled their kids all weekend so I could enjoy Niki. So Tyler and Josh had uninterrupted time together. And let me tell you, those boys enjoyed themselves. Additionally - I think Josh does not eat regularly when he's home. He ate and ate and ate while he was here. Tyler didn't say, but he may have had to purchase a 2nd seat on Southwest for the flight home.
  Josh is a big turkery hunter. So the turkeys that visit our yard were a real treat, as was this huge flock down the road from our house. We parked and watched these turkeys for a good 1/2 hour. So much fun!

 And Maggie also enjoyed Josh. I don't remember why she needed to have a pitchfork on the front porch, but she was embarrassed I took her picture.