September 29, 2007

Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home...

A couple of weeks ago we stumbled upon story time at the library. The day's theme was ladybugs, and the librarian gave us a photocopy of a mask she had made for the event. I made it for Maggie the day we got home, but the other night was the first (and only) time I got her to wear it. Most nights she brings it up to me to put on, so I end up making dinner and watching the evening news with it on. I will spare you a picture of that.

Maggie Loves Shoes

The other night Maggie decided to wear our shoes. Like everything else, it was darn cute! She could barely manage to clomp around in Tyler's, so he got a pair of mine out for her. She had a blast!

September 21, 2007


Can you see the bruises on Maggie's forehead (the ones in the middle, up high and in her hairline)?!?! Those are a MUCH smaller residual mark of the trauma that occured last night than we thought she would have. Last night Maggie was jumping on the couch - facing out towards the rest of the room. In one slow-motion moment Tyler yelled at me to grab her and as I turned she catapulted off the couch into a dive that landed her forehead right on the CORNER of the coffee table. Talk about stomach lurching!

I picked her up as fast as I could and was so very thankful that there was no blood. She cried and howled, but didn't black out or seem out of sorts. Immediately the bump started to swell and we discussed whether or not to take her to the hospital. Well, about 15 minutes after cuddling her and examining her bump, her eyes, etc. she had a tantrum when I wouldn't let her drink out of my glass on the coffee table. At that point we knew she was probably fine. We set up the monitor in her room (we don't use it ever any more) and cranked it up high enough to hear her breathing.

She was fine all night, and this morning woke up without a goose egg and just some light bruises. We are so thankful that this accident was not as serious as it could've been, praise the Lord!

Just Another Cute Picture

Here is Maggie in jeans. Doesn't she look so much more like a toddler than a baby in pigtails and jeans??? The weather has been "cooler" here lately. When I say cooler, I mean the mornings in the upper 60s to low 70s, and it is still 80+ in the afternoons. Still, after a month of it never dropping below like 85 even at night, I feel a little cold some mornings (that means long pants, sorry Maggie!).

So Fashionable

Wednesday morning on the way to Mother' Day Out we couldn't leave the house without her hat and purse. This child KNOWS how to accessorize! Is this a small peak into her teen years? Will we go broke providing necklaces and bracelets and hair-thingys? I'm not sure, but she is so darn cute!

Midnight Snack

(I apologize for the lack of posting lately. I just can't seem to get enough time on the computer these days to update more than once or twice a week)

The other night Maggie kept hounding us for "eat" before bedtime. So I finally opened the fridge and did the usual "Do you want juice? Grapes? Milk?" Nope, she wanted none of it (and she NEVER turns down grapes). She kept pointing to the veggie drawer. Thinking she was mistaken, I opened it up and told Maggie there wasn't anything in there she wanted. Wow, was I wrong!!! She pulled out the red pepper I had just bought and kept saying "please". So, I washed it up and chopped a couple pieces off it. You got it, Maggie wanted red pepper before bedtime. How random is that? She probably ate about 1/4 of the pepper before we could finally put her to bed. You'd think we didn't give her dinner or something, good grief!

September 13, 2007

Michigan Trip

Last weekend Dixie and I took our girls to Michigan to visit our friends, the Dunns, who moved up there is Spring and so I could go to a cousin's wedding in Traverse City. Maggie and Zayli endured a 10-hour car ride on the way up, and a 13-hour ride on the way home (big accident about 30 miles from Nashville closed down the interstate for 2 1/2 hours). And they were HAPPY almost the entire time. No fits, no meltdowns, nothing. It was awesome!!! I will give Dixie the credit for keeping them entertained with major book reading, games, drawing on the magna-doodle, handing out snacks slowly and singing every single kids song we could think of! Here are some pictures:

Happy girls in the car. The cooler in the middle I think helped them not fight over toys.
It is sick how much stuff I feel like we need for a trip now that we have a child.
Jumping on the couch is fun until someone gets hurt. Maggie fell off Sunday night and got a goose egg over her left eye.
Maggie, Zayli & Nyah.
Homemade pancakes with local Michigan blueberries for breakfast. They were fantastic, and doubled as face paint!
At the wedding: my cousin Jack and wife Brooke - this was the first time they'd met Maggie. They just moved to Wisconsin. Maggie was quite taken with Jack and played with him the whole reception.
Maggie giving my Aunt Dee a tongue check.
Uncle Les, Aunt Bonnie (parents of my cousin getting married) and Aunt Dee.
My cousin, Jill, sister of my cousin who got married and a bridesmaid. Sorry Lora, your picture didn't turn out!
Maggie with my cousin Joey and his new wife Janessa. Beautiful Michigan countryside and sunset.
Had to go to Lake Michigan while we were there! Jamin and Christie live just 4 miles from the lake, so we went on Sunday afternoon. It was a little windy, and the water was too cold to make Maggie go in it,but we had a blast anyway. Nyah, Zayli, Maggie, Aubrey.
Zayli's impersonation of an ostrich.
Chasing seagulls was a fun alternative to going in the cold water.
Christie and baby Aubrey.
It was a great trip! Western Michigan reminds me a lot about western Washington, specifically the Bellingham area where my grandparents live. There were so many Dutch names and faces and farms it almost felt like home!

September 6, 2007

How cute is this?

Maggie can wear pigtails now!!! She'll be wearing them A LOT - it's about time she had some hair I can play with.

September 4, 2007

Her Favorite Hat

Maggie pulled this hat out of her toy box a week or two ago, and now wears it ALL THE TIME! Maggie's fashions sense tells her that this hat goes with every outfit, even pajamas. Yesterday morning she put on her hat before breakfast.