September 21, 2007


Can you see the bruises on Maggie's forehead (the ones in the middle, up high and in her hairline)?!?! Those are a MUCH smaller residual mark of the trauma that occured last night than we thought she would have. Last night Maggie was jumping on the couch - facing out towards the rest of the room. In one slow-motion moment Tyler yelled at me to grab her and as I turned she catapulted off the couch into a dive that landed her forehead right on the CORNER of the coffee table. Talk about stomach lurching!

I picked her up as fast as I could and was so very thankful that there was no blood. She cried and howled, but didn't black out or seem out of sorts. Immediately the bump started to swell and we discussed whether or not to take her to the hospital. Well, about 15 minutes after cuddling her and examining her bump, her eyes, etc. she had a tantrum when I wouldn't let her drink out of my glass on the coffee table. At that point we knew she was probably fine. We set up the monitor in her room (we don't use it ever any more) and cranked it up high enough to hear her breathing.

She was fine all night, and this morning woke up without a goose egg and just some light bruises. We are so thankful that this accident was not as serious as it could've been, praise the Lord!

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