May 31, 2012


James is not walking on his own yet, but that doesn't stop him from getting into everything, touching everything, etc. These days he must think his name is "No James". "No James" often results in crying, screaming, screeching, throwing things on the floor. Poor buddy! If he could just talk it would be a lot easier.

Pushed the stool to the counter. Making dinner is a full-contact sport these days!
 He figured out the water dispenser on the fridge- no stool needed. We've all had to learn to lock the dispenser or he gets water EVERYWHERE before you realize what he's playing with.
 Like right here. Picture doesn't really show it, but he's nearly 1/2 wet.
 And he also helps unfold all your laundry. Perfect for those stress-free, nothing to do days when all you want to do is fold your laundry twice or more.
 And he also likes to elephant-crawl (that's what we call it) toward the dangerous parking lot and away from the soft grass and playground. FYI- no cute chunky babies were in any danger whatsoever. There was only one other car in the parking lot.
 The stool also works well in the bathroom. Thankfully his arms aren't long enough to reach the faucet, yet.
 And a quick progression of climbing onto the couch. Just to love on his sister. Also called "Ma-uhm! Get him off me!"
James is so wonderful, but he is one mighty handful! By the time I get him in bed each night I am worn out from all the playing, supervising, guiding, scolding, mess-clean-upping, feeding, entertaining and diaper-changing. Trying to enjoy the overall theme of his childhood as opposed to "every minute" - I don't enjoy his crying at me every night as I try to make dinner, or any time I have to correct him- but I can't imagine our lives without him! He still makes my heart melt and is a daily reminder of God's' amazing, overwhleming blessings to me.

Memorial Day Fun

We went to a birthday party for one of Maggie's friends on Memorial Day. It was a nice break from working so much.

It was HOT! About 100 degrees. Right away James was getting hot.
 Maggie had lots of fun tying water balloons.
 So, uh, the swim trunks I pulled out of some awesome hand-me-downs for James are too big. As evidences here by the major saggage. 
 Yep. Too hot. Clothes came off. Nothing wrong with a nearly-naked baby at a 6 year old girls' birthday party.
 Maggie scooched over for a quick hug.
 "I know I can push this dump truck to that cool place over there so I can play."
 I made it!
 ... and I gave in and let Maggie have an entire can of grape soda for her very own. She nursed that thing for an hour, I am not kidding!
 Uh oh! Wet swim diapers (from the kiddie pool) and dirt don't mix.
 Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "dirty diaper", doesn't it!
 Maggie having the time of her life playing with a bunch of kids her age (the girl next to her is several years older, not a giant 1st grader).
 After getting hosed off, he needed some cuddle time with Alistair and his mama. And what is UP with that vein in my forehead. I swear to you it only shows up on iPhone photos.
 Did you know that "Maggie, it's time to go, find your flops, please" is code for "go cover yourself with sand in the sand box?!" She was having so much fun, it was sad to make her go home with us!

May 30, 2012

Things James Puts on His Head

Videos for the Grandparents

Here are some recent iPhone videos I've taken of the kids.

Maggie making James laugh. Best noises ever.

Singing a cheesy pop song while listening to her iPod. Does not understand we can't hear the music.

Mr. James has learned to climb. He didn't stand on the table this time, but that's what normally happens if I don't get there soon enough.

May 28, 2012

This weekend Tyler replaced he battery in my old iPod that died 5(!) years ago. Maggie had asked about having one and this was a cheap and easy solution! 

At church she made Daddy a special thank-you card. The "a lot of work" part is in reference to all that he has to do when I am working on weddings. She was being very sweet. 

May 20, 2012

Can Kindergarten Be Over Already?!?!

Friday was Maggie's Kindergarten End of the Year Program (school gets out May 23). We took video of the program, but it's on the video camera, and only Tyler knows how to get it onto the Computer.

All 7 classes lined up and marched to the stage with a call and response thing like they do at bootcamp, but with cute sayings. Here's our little goofball.
I know her hair is in her face. She almost refuses to let me put it up and out of her face, this is the way she likes to wear it, and as much as it drives me crazy, it's not a hill I'm going to die on.

They ended the program with the Tootie-Ta!!! Maggie danced to this in her dance class last year.
There was a big picnic with all the kindergarteners and families after the program. Daddy and Maggie!
Trying to eat with James loose and free is always a bit of a challenge...
Daddy was a jungle gym for a while. James' new favorite thing to do is climb on anything and anyone.
Mama and her babies. And what's up with the vein in my forehead?! Have I always had that and never knew about it until now?
I thought I should include one of the 99 outtakes from trying to get a decent picture of me with the children. It is so funny! And maybe that's why my vein has popped out...
And here is Maggie with her teacher, Mrs. Miller. She has been so amazing this year, and has been such a great teacher for Maggie.

May 19, 2012

Hate the Mess, Love the Independence

Getting James to eat vegetables has been hit or miss lately (bread, fruit, never a problem). One day he loves peas and will eat 3 servings. The next day (week, month) he won't touch them. We have been avoiding the inevitable mess that accompanies learning to use a spoon and fork, but the past two weeks James has needed additional incentive to eat veggies. Spoons and forks have really helped out on that front. I've also resorted also to sneaking in extra veggies in our food. I grated and sauteed an entire zucchini, 1/2 an onion and extra garlic and Italian seasoning then pureed it and added it to jarred pasta sauce the other night. My hope was he'd eat some veggies this way, with pasta wheels. It was a MAJOR HIT!!!

Note the fork in the LEFT hand here, where it is most of the time, just not in the rest of these photos.  First serving gone.
Happy face!
Cheese face to Sissy. Working on second serving.
Cheese face to Mama. Covered in sauce. It was all over in his hair, too. He thinks everything needs to be rubbed behind his right ear.
He ended up eating THREE servings of pasta and sauce.Yay for forks and hidden zucchini!

May 9, 2012

Sparks Year 1 One - Done!

Tonight was the AWANA awards. Maggie memorized and recited her whole book, so a shiny new ribbon is now in her possession. 

"I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." Psalm 119:11. Our hope as her parents is that the truths she has learned in Gods word over the past year will draw her to Himself.

May 8, 2012


Sorry I haven't posted much lately. These days we are pretty busy. I am working for another florist part-time. Maggie finishes up kindergarten in 2 weeks, James is a crawling machine but not walking, and Tyler is busy with work and serving at church. I even put up my sewing machine, not sure when I'll be able to enjoy some stitching happiness in the near future.

But we are here. I'll try to do some more posting from my phone with pictures of the kids!

May 1, 2012

Fun bubble pictures from this weekend before Maggie's stomach bug set in. I made a "bubble snake" (washcloth tied around a cut-off end of a bottle) for the kids and it was a big hit!!!