May 20, 2012

Can Kindergarten Be Over Already?!?!

Friday was Maggie's Kindergarten End of the Year Program (school gets out May 23). We took video of the program, but it's on the video camera, and only Tyler knows how to get it onto the Computer.

All 7 classes lined up and marched to the stage with a call and response thing like they do at bootcamp, but with cute sayings. Here's our little goofball.
I know her hair is in her face. She almost refuses to let me put it up and out of her face, this is the way she likes to wear it, and as much as it drives me crazy, it's not a hill I'm going to die on.

They ended the program with the Tootie-Ta!!! Maggie danced to this in her dance class last year.
There was a big picnic with all the kindergarteners and families after the program. Daddy and Maggie!
Trying to eat with James loose and free is always a bit of a challenge...
Daddy was a jungle gym for a while. James' new favorite thing to do is climb on anything and anyone.
Mama and her babies. And what's up with the vein in my forehead?! Have I always had that and never knew about it until now?
I thought I should include one of the 99 outtakes from trying to get a decent picture of me with the children. It is so funny! And maybe that's why my vein has popped out...
And here is Maggie with her teacher, Mrs. Miller. She has been so amazing this year, and has been such a great teacher for Maggie.

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