May 31, 2012


James is not walking on his own yet, but that doesn't stop him from getting into everything, touching everything, etc. These days he must think his name is "No James". "No James" often results in crying, screaming, screeching, throwing things on the floor. Poor buddy! If he could just talk it would be a lot easier.

Pushed the stool to the counter. Making dinner is a full-contact sport these days!
 He figured out the water dispenser on the fridge- no stool needed. We've all had to learn to lock the dispenser or he gets water EVERYWHERE before you realize what he's playing with.
 Like right here. Picture doesn't really show it, but he's nearly 1/2 wet.
 And he also helps unfold all your laundry. Perfect for those stress-free, nothing to do days when all you want to do is fold your laundry twice or more.
 And he also likes to elephant-crawl (that's what we call it) toward the dangerous parking lot and away from the soft grass and playground. FYI- no cute chunky babies were in any danger whatsoever. There was only one other car in the parking lot.
 The stool also works well in the bathroom. Thankfully his arms aren't long enough to reach the faucet, yet.
 And a quick progression of climbing onto the couch. Just to love on his sister. Also called "Ma-uhm! Get him off me!"
James is so wonderful, but he is one mighty handful! By the time I get him in bed each night I am worn out from all the playing, supervising, guiding, scolding, mess-clean-upping, feeding, entertaining and diaper-changing. Trying to enjoy the overall theme of his childhood as opposed to "every minute" - I don't enjoy his crying at me every night as I try to make dinner, or any time I have to correct him- but I can't imagine our lives without him! He still makes my heart melt and is a daily reminder of God's' amazing, overwhleming blessings to me.

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