May 19, 2012

Hate the Mess, Love the Independence

Getting James to eat vegetables has been hit or miss lately (bread, fruit, never a problem). One day he loves peas and will eat 3 servings. The next day (week, month) he won't touch them. We have been avoiding the inevitable mess that accompanies learning to use a spoon and fork, but the past two weeks James has needed additional incentive to eat veggies. Spoons and forks have really helped out on that front. I've also resorted also to sneaking in extra veggies in our food. I grated and sauteed an entire zucchini, 1/2 an onion and extra garlic and Italian seasoning then pureed it and added it to jarred pasta sauce the other night. My hope was he'd eat some veggies this way, with pasta wheels. It was a MAJOR HIT!!!

Note the fork in the LEFT hand here, where it is most of the time, just not in the rest of these photos.  First serving gone.
Happy face!
Cheese face to Sissy. Working on second serving.
Cheese face to Mama. Covered in sauce. It was all over in his hair, too. He thinks everything needs to be rubbed behind his right ear.
He ended up eating THREE servings of pasta and sauce.Yay for forks and hidden zucchini!

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