September 28, 2006

Maggie - 8 Months and Growing!

Here's Maggie's 8 month boppy picture. This week she has started waving bye-bye!!! It is adorable, and she practices it quite a lot, but can't always do it on command yet. She is also working on another tooth. I hope it is on the top, to even out her bite, because right now she looks like a vampire/jack-o-lantern cross. Don't get upset, she's still cute, I'm just trying to describe what her teeth look like. Do you LOVE LOVE LOVE that tie-dye onesie?

She's still not crawling either, but she scoots backwards a bit, loves to get up on her knees and rock back and forth and can rotate 360-degrees on her belly to get her toys. She also can roll to wherever she wants to go, but prefers to sit up with her toys.

In the talking department, she can say "Mama" very clearly, and knows it's me. In fact, if she wakes up in the morning before it is TIME to be up, she yells "MAMA, MAMA!" It would be even more cute if it wasn't 5:30 when she does it. She says "dada" but I don't think she associates that with Tyler all the time, and says "babababa" and blows two different raspberries - one with tongue out and one with tongue in. Both procure LOTS of slobber!!! Maggie also started a grunty noise, and that is funny, because she's already got a medium-low voice, and these are pretty low. I'll get them on video soon, and post a link for you all to watch. Anyway, here's her picture.

September 20, 2006

Something New

So I've got several "something new"s to share.
1) Every time Maggie picks up something soft, like stuffed animal, or a blanket, she sucks her thumb and cuddles with it. Every time, seriously. I tested this out the other day, and took pictures for proof.

2) We had our first illness. She had a minor ear infection (not bad enough for medication) and a fever. She's also got a fever that stays about 102. Maggie is still a sad, sad baby. Can't decide if she wants to play, or cry, or have Mama hold her, or cry, or ... you get the picture. It's just pitiful.
3) Did you see the new link over there on your right, labeled Melissa's Flowers? I made a website/blog just for my flowers since I'm starting to get referral business and people want to see what I've done. I've got two more weddings to post, then it'll be up to date (now if I could only remember where I put those pictures).

September 14, 2006

Maggie and the new teeth

Maggie is getting more and more teeth. Now she has 4 - the three on the bottom are showing in the picture below. There are three on the bottom: the middle two and one more on the left. There is also a new one up top. It is not one of the middle two, but the next one over on the right side. This new tooth graced us with a very special arrival while we were on the flight home from Seattle. It was such a happy, peaceful, stress-free rupture (can you sense the sarcasm, I'm laying it on pretty thick?)!

Now it looks like she is getting an upper canine tooth on the left, but it hasn't ruptured her gums yet. So, our little munchkin has no teeth that meet together, top to bottom. There's the upper tooth on the right, then her middle two teeth on the bottom, a fourth tooth on the bottom left, and then this new canine on the upper left t add emphasis to the fact that she hasn't gotten her two front teeth yet.

September 7, 2006

More Seattle/Phoenix Pics

My Dad just HAD to put llama ears on Maggie. They are absolutely ridiculous - and I love them!

We were in Phoenix for Labor Day weekend. Maggie had a great time with her cousin Alexis. Look at those buns! Tara and I couldn't resist taking a naked picture of our girls by the pool. I'm going to get this one printed out in black and white for our house.

Maggie, Tyler, Alexis and Tara in the pool.

We have several outfits in common for our girls. They had lots of fun playing together.