May 30, 2007

On the road again

Maggie and I are off to Seattle. We've got a non-stop flight - which used to be nice, but now that Maggie's walking maybe a layover would be nice. I don't think she is going to like sitting on my lap for 4 1/2 hours today. We'll post pictures of our adventures as they occur. Stay tuned!

May 29, 2007

Fun on Two Legs

Pictures of Maggie in the yard yesterday.

She's still a little wobbly, but not afraid to walk now, which is really great! Her u-turns are hilarious.

May 28, 2007

3, 2, 1... Lift Off!!!

Maggie's walking! She just picked herself up last night (literally) and started walking on her own at our home fellowship group. She had never gotten from sitting to standing without pulling up on something, but last night she figured out how to stand up without help. That must've been all the confidence she needed because later she took off across our friends' living room! She had a BLAST walking around like all her little friends all night. We didn't have a camera with us last night to record the event, but we took this short clip this morning.

May 25, 2007

Thank you Sweden Family!

Here is Maggie in her new hat. It arrived in the mail a week or two ago, sorry it took me so long to post a picture of Maggie wearing it. Tyler's family in Sweden sent it to Maggie. We love to put the hat on and take it off, many times in a row! Thank you cousins Birgitta, Therese, Desiree, Louise & Josephine!!!

May 17, 2007

Maggie does the DARNDEST things!

No picture, just some funny stories, all from yesterday.
1) Yesterday morning while I was blowdrying my hair I look down and low and behold Maggie had gotten a disposable razor out of my drawer in and was "shaving" her leg (security cap was on). When she was done she rubbed her leg to see if it was smoother. No joke. I know she's seen me do this because I shut her in the bathroom with me when I get ready in the mornings, and have to keep the back side of the shower curtain open so she doesn't get worried (Mama has to be in sight at all times right now).

2) Changing her diaper in the afternoon she pointed to her dresser and kept saying "please" in sign language, she doesn't say it say it yet. She wanted her lotion. I put lotion on after her baths in the mornings, and usually she fusses about it when I put it on her. So, I put a dollop on her hand and she rubbed her hands together. So cute!!!

3) Learned how to run behind her Pooh-mobile. She runs up and down the kitchen with it now. Still not walking by herself yet, of course. Bad side: Maggie ran the Pooh-mobile down the stairs from the kitchen to the rec room and fell. I was too far behind to catch up. She keeps away from the stairs with it now, but sad that she had to learn the hard way. The running though is really darn cute, she is SO proud of herself.

4) At Mother's Day Out yesterday, two of the little boys were giving Maggie all kinds of loves. They were all sitting on the floor and they'd take turns giving hugs and kisses. Maggie and I had a talk about boys in the car on the way home (just kidding). Maggie already knows the way to a man's heart is through his stomach- she grabbed on of the boys' sippy cups, and would hold it up for him to drink from it. I wish I had my camera then! This boy is already 2 years old, and there was Maggie holding up his sippy cup like he was a little baby. Hilarious!

May 16, 2007

PB & J

I have to admit, PB&J is an easy stand-by in our house. Maggie already loved PB sandwiches and open-face PB bread, but hadn't had the "J" until this week. Here she is enjoying her first sandwich with blackberry jam (no seeds, thankyouverymuch). It was a big hit, as seen from the jam smears on her face. Notice in the second picture that her little fingers are sticking up - when her hands get dirty she doesn't like to touch anything else because she can tell they are dirty (like mother like daughter!)

Mother's Day

Here is Maggie and I on Mother's Day. I don't have very many pictures of me with Maggie except when she was born, so I had Tyler take a picture of the two us before she went to bed. Those are her "big girl" jammies - her first set of jammies that aren't footies.

May 13, 2007

Church Directory Photo

So at church we are finally changing to a picture directory from just text since there are so many new families that have joined. No amount of tickling by me or goofiness on the camera lady's part would make Maggie smile. Today for Mother's Day each family got a free 8X10 of the shot that will be in the directory, nice, huh? Would you take a look at Maggie's face? Not only would she not smile, she looks a bit perturbed. Silly baby.

May 7, 2007

A, B, C, D: D is for Down the vent

You know how parents are always concerned when their kids are quiet because that means they are up to no good? It's true, and I experienced that today. No worries, Maggie isn't injured. But sadly, when Tyler gets home tonight he has to stick his arm down the vent.

Before Maggie's afternoon nap I decided I needed to get some vacuuming done (can't do that one when she's sleeping). So, off I went. Maggie watched for a while, then crawled off to her toy bin in the living room. It was TOO quiet after I finished, so I found her in the living room, next to the vent with her ABC puzzle. Except is it really a puzzle once the pieces are gone? She put every last one of the pieces down the vent, and was working on another puzzle that fortunately for us has knobs on the pieces so it wouldn't fit.
The vandalized puzzle board, no pieces.
You can just see the puzzle pieces in the bottom.
After several shots, she is still working to try and get the knobbed pieces down there.
I should have seen this coming. This morning she put the I & J piece in the vent, and I thought I had made it very clear that we do not put things down the vent. I guess not. Even after I walked over to her just now, she went about her business very seriously trying to get the other pieces in the vent, and I even had time to get my camera and take these pictures. Apparently she does not think this is bad... and I could barely watch her without laughing! So much for discipline. We'll work on this tomorrow.

May 6, 2007

The first weekend apart

This is the only real picture I have from this weekend to prove that we spent a day and a night away from Maggie. We couldn't take our camera into the concert venue, so here's Tyler at lunch eating some Memphis BBQ.

This weekend Tyler and I went to Memphis for the Beale Street Music Festival, without Maggie. Our good friends Janet and Smedly (real name Andrew) and their kids Evi, Zoe & Emet watched Maggie for us. It started out pleasantly enough: we dropped Maggie off, and she didn't even cry when we walked away. This was really nice for me because I was a little anxious about the whole thing. In the car I felt fine, but kept checking my cell phone to make sure it was on and the ringer was loud enough just in case Janet called. Sure enough, almost to Memphis Janet called: she couldn't find the noise machine which we use at naps and bedtime. She wanted to make sure it wasn't in another bag or something. Nope, I just forgot to pack it. Ok, we don't have to turn around, and she's doing fine.

We walked all over downtown Memphis: started at Rondezvous BBQ for lunch, a famed BBQ joint in Memphis for their ribs. They were PACKED!!! And, I think that impacted the ribs- they were NOT very good. Hardly any flavor, very blah. Whatever, I got the beef brisket and it was good. Then we walked down to Beale Street and all around there, then down to the park where the music festival was. It was in the mid-80's, and humidity was about 80% right there on the Mississippi. Needless to say, we were very hot and sweaty. Lucky for us, so was everyone else down there. Of the 25 bands that were there Saturday, we saw just 7. The highlights for us were Wolfmother and George Thorogood - I've wanted to see him for like 20 years. Finally go to!!! Yay! Wolfmother was a great show, too, I think that made Tyler's day. There were several other bands we wanted to see, but there were 4 stages and we had to make our priorities.

So, aside from the good music, I did get a little neurotic about Maggie around her bedtime. So from 7:30 to about 10:00 I checked my cellphone every couple of minutes to make sure I hadn't missed the call from Janet where she tells me that Maggie won't stop crying and won't go to bed and we'd have to come back. Ah, we never got that call, so that was great!

Sunday AM, we were going to sleep in at the hotel. Nope- I woke up at 7 on the button, which is usually as late at Maggie will sleep on any given day. Finally went back to sleep but the darn housekeeping lady woke us up at 9 to ask if we wanted housekeeping or if we were going to check out. That was annoying. So up we got, went for breakfast and headed back home. I had an orchestra recital to go to for one of my high school girls as soon as we got back into town, so Tyler picked up Maggie. When I finally got home at 4:40, she wasn't even happy to see me! She cried and started crawling away. But, it was SO good to come home and see her, I don't care that she was crying.

So I did it, I made it a day and half without Maggie. That was a long time. Not for her, but for me.

May 1, 2007

Ooh, hot!

Summer is just about here in Nashville. Monday it was in the 80's. We played outside for about an hour, a good part of that in the shade, but she still got red cheeks (from being hot, not sunburned). She also really enjoyed playing with a stick she found in the yard. So much for toys! We played outside for a good part of the afternoon Saturday, too. Maggie will push her Pooh car all over the grass and driveway, but still won't walk by herself.