May 7, 2007

A, B, C, D: D is for Down the vent

You know how parents are always concerned when their kids are quiet because that means they are up to no good? It's true, and I experienced that today. No worries, Maggie isn't injured. But sadly, when Tyler gets home tonight he has to stick his arm down the vent.

Before Maggie's afternoon nap I decided I needed to get some vacuuming done (can't do that one when she's sleeping). So, off I went. Maggie watched for a while, then crawled off to her toy bin in the living room. It was TOO quiet after I finished, so I found her in the living room, next to the vent with her ABC puzzle. Except is it really a puzzle once the pieces are gone? She put every last one of the pieces down the vent, and was working on another puzzle that fortunately for us has knobs on the pieces so it wouldn't fit.
The vandalized puzzle board, no pieces.
You can just see the puzzle pieces in the bottom.
After several shots, she is still working to try and get the knobbed pieces down there.
I should have seen this coming. This morning she put the I & J piece in the vent, and I thought I had made it very clear that we do not put things down the vent. I guess not. Even after I walked over to her just now, she went about her business very seriously trying to get the other pieces in the vent, and I even had time to get my camera and take these pictures. Apparently she does not think this is bad... and I could barely watch her without laughing! So much for discipline. We'll work on this tomorrow.

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Teresa said...

Oh man this is funny. You totally know what's going on in her head too...."do do do do, I'm helping mommy clean the house, I'll put this guy in there, and this one, oh and Mr. R needs to be put away too, man she's going to LOVE this cleaning job I've done"