July 15, 2008

A Musical Medley

Saturday afternoon Tyler had to go to church to set up the sound, so Maggie and I tagged along. Here's Maggie rockin' out on the piano to Jesus Loves Me and I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart. It's from Tyler's cell phone, so it's really grainy, but the sound is pretty good.

Right now Maggie is all about singing. Most of the time she can't finish the song correctly or in tune, but she wants to do it al by herself. This is reinforced when Mommy or Daddy try to help her: "No, Mommy/Daddy, shhh. I do-yit." (Do-yit is correct, she doesn't say do it).

July 10, 2008

What we did 4th of July weekend

Photo credit: Mint & Sage Photographic Artists.

Ok, we didn't cry the whole weekend. Friday during the day I worked on flowers for our friends' wedding. Friday night we went to their rehearsal dinner and got to enjoy some good food and fireworks. Saturday was wedding, wedding, wedding!

The wedding itself was just lovely. Ryan and Amie were so happy to get married, and everything was so sweet!!!

Maggie on the otherhand, not so much. Right as the ceremony started she told me she had to go potty. The wedding and reception were in a garden in a park, and there were no bathrooms (the port-a-potty was absolutely not an option). So I told her she had to wait until after. During the wedding I couldn't get her to sit still. After the wedding we all took our chairs over to the reception tables. Right as we got their Maggie started screaming bloody murder as she stood in her chair! I had forgotten she had to go and she had an accident right there in the chair. Somehow she missed her dress and only got her panties, shoes and chair. That was all easily remedied, we cleaned up her shoes and popped her in a diaper for the rest of the afternoon.

As the bride and groom were leaving, Maggie spilled a bottle of water all down her dress, and refused to wear it any longer. There was a lot of crying and sobbing and general fit-pitching about the wet dress on her part. So I let her run around in a diaper and her shoes! THEN we all got bubbles. Maggie got knocked down and spilled her bubbles, and she went off again. It was a mess. She was covered in sticky bubble soap, and crying for more bubbles, and all, which is the picture from above. My friend, Andrea, took this picture. She works with Mint & Sage Photography (best phtography in Nashville, by the way). Someone very nicely gave Maggie a second bottle of bubbles, which she promptly POURED OUT ON PURPOSE and then pitched another huge fit! We headed home after that.

July 4, 2008

I blame Tyler for this this:

"Daddy, I need see a Wookie."

Yes, those words poured out of Maggie's mouth last night as Tyler was opening his birthday presents. His parents sent one of those cards with music, it had a picture of Princess Leia and R2D2 on the front, and when you open it it plays the Star Wars theme song. As SOON as she heard it, she stated the above.

Are you kidding me?!?! I asked Tyler how she new what a Wookie was, and he said they watch Star Wars on Saturdays when I'm doing flowers. Young nerds of America, stay away from my daughter. She may have a working knowledge of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, but she is too young to date.

On a side note, we celebrated Tyler's 31st birthday with what else? Steak. Big. Fat. Porterhouses. They were too too yummy. I love my grill. And my girl. And my husband.