July 4, 2008

I blame Tyler for this this:

"Daddy, I need see a Wookie."

Yes, those words poured out of Maggie's mouth last night as Tyler was opening his birthday presents. His parents sent one of those cards with music, it had a picture of Princess Leia and R2D2 on the front, and when you open it it plays the Star Wars theme song. As SOON as she heard it, she stated the above.

Are you kidding me?!?! I asked Tyler how she new what a Wookie was, and he said they watch Star Wars on Saturdays when I'm doing flowers. Young nerds of America, stay away from my daughter. She may have a working knowledge of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, but she is too young to date.

On a side note, we celebrated Tyler's 31st birthday with what else? Steak. Big. Fat. Porterhouses. They were too too yummy. I love my grill. And my girl. And my husband.


Sonja said...

Well done, Tyler! Happy Birthday!

kimi said...

at least her hair is still too short for braided buns. :)

Janet Yates said...

So funny!!! She can hang out with Evi and Zoe they have some Star Wars trivia rattling off their tongues. Happy belated birthday to Tyler!!!

starbucksgirl said...

Melissa, that is seriously the funniest post ever. I LOVE that Tyler let her watch Star Wars and you didn't even know it. I'm sure you looked right at him when she said the word, "Wookie." Hilarious