August 26, 2009

House Update

Not really an update, more like a holding pattern. We've had a lot of showings, but no further offers. I get up everyday, clean everything, pick up after Maggie constantly, take her out of the house when it is shown. Wash, rinse, repeat.

August 19, 2009

Growing Dexterity

For Christmas my mom bought Maggie this great big jar of pop-together beads. I was really sad to find out that Maggie wasn't dexterous enough to pop them together, though. So we only played with them sproadically this past winter and spring. Then, she and some friends threw them all over her room, to up to the top shelf they went after I found them all.

Last week she asked to do her beads, and wow! She can do them all by herself. I showed her how to pour out the jar in the lid of one of her dress-up boxes so they don't let stuck in her carpet and away she went! She now wears all kinds of necklaces and bracelets and rings made of her beads.

Showing off her big necklace. You can see the lid full of beads at the bottom. She did that all on her own.
Daddy showing off Maggie's wares. I'm surprised but pleased that Tyler lets her decorate him with jewelry.
I am constantly amazed at how much and how fast she is growing up, and how I'll never get back those cuddly 6-month old perfect baby days. And I am incredibly thankful to the Lord for blessing my life with such a wonderful child even though I feel incredibly lacking in parenting skills at the moment.

August 18, 2009

Ahh, Fried Chicken and Dancing

This weekend was our church's annual WCBC Radio Hour: Fried chicken potluck and a concert on the back lawn. It was so much fun! Here's Maggie and friends dancing.
Enjoying a cold popsicle to help combat the heat.
Some short clips from the night.


"PRAYING" This one kills me! She did her best to keep her eyes closed, but still is not understanding the purpose behind closing our eyes.

{House update: we had an offer last week, but they rejected our counter offer. So, we wait and keep the house perfect for showings.}

August 5, 2009

Here's Our House

Here's our wonderful little home all ready to be sold. I still smile every time I drive up.
The backyard.
The hammock. Tyler relaxes there every Saturday afternoon after mowing the lawn.
The living room windows. I love our new windows!
Living room, view from the front door.
View from the door to the dining/kitchen.
Kitchen view from dining area.
Another view of the kitchen.
The dining room.
Our cheery little 1960 bathroom. Our bedroom, view from the door.
Our bedroom, view from the powder room.
The powder room off the master bedroom.
Guest bedroom.
Built-in shelves in the guest bedroom.
Maggie's room.
The rec room, view from the kitchen door.Office area in the rec room.
Utility room.
So there it is. Our sweet little home. I love how spacious it feels without all our "extra" stuff in there, how it's perfectly picked up and clean, how I still feel so happy here. We know that a move to Williamson County is beneficial, especially for Maggie's school options, but I will always have fond memories of our first real house! When we sell, I'll let you know. When we find a new home, I'll definitely post about that!!!

August 4, 2009

My Apologies & Some Updates

I hope to be able to blog a little more frequently now that my busy schedule is slowing down a tad. As I mentioned before, we've decided to try and sell our house. So the last two weeks I've spent every day cleaning, sorting, boxing up, donating, tossing and finally cleaning and scrubbing getting our little home ready for the market. We meet with our Realtor early tomorrow morning to put it up for sale. All that is a little more difficult with a bum ankle. And also I wonder if in a couple of months of living without all the non-essential items I boxed up and put in storage if we will decide to have a garage sale and sell everything except the sentimental stuff. Hmmm.

Maggie has been such a trooper with me so busy during the day. She likes to "help" is getting better at playing by herself and asks to read books all the time now - I think it's just so she can sit on my lap and have some Mommy time - to which I can barely say no to. It's very sweet, and I love that time with her.

I went to the doctor on Monday, two more weeks in the walking cast: my ankle still really hurts and feels pretty weak a lot of the time, but another set of x-rays showed it's not broken. So it's good news about it not being broken, however my inability to walk normally is a downer. Maybe I should get off my feet a little more, but there's a lot to get done around here to get everything ready for selling our house!