August 5, 2009

Here's Our House

Here's our wonderful little home all ready to be sold. I still smile every time I drive up.
The backyard.
The hammock. Tyler relaxes there every Saturday afternoon after mowing the lawn.
The living room windows. I love our new windows!
Living room, view from the front door.
View from the door to the dining/kitchen.
Kitchen view from dining area.
Another view of the kitchen.
The dining room.
Our cheery little 1960 bathroom. Our bedroom, view from the door.
Our bedroom, view from the powder room.
The powder room off the master bedroom.
Guest bedroom.
Built-in shelves in the guest bedroom.
Maggie's room.
The rec room, view from the kitchen door.Office area in the rec room.
Utility room.
So there it is. Our sweet little home. I love how spacious it feels without all our "extra" stuff in there, how it's perfectly picked up and clean, how I still feel so happy here. We know that a move to Williamson County is beneficial, especially for Maggie's school options, but I will always have fond memories of our first real house! When we sell, I'll let you know. When we find a new home, I'll definitely post about that!!!

1 comment:

Janet Yates said...

Melissa, your house always looked good but it looks FANTASTIC now! I love it. The living room windows are so pretty! I hope it sells soon.