May 6, 2007

The first weekend apart

This is the only real picture I have from this weekend to prove that we spent a day and a night away from Maggie. We couldn't take our camera into the concert venue, so here's Tyler at lunch eating some Memphis BBQ.

This weekend Tyler and I went to Memphis for the Beale Street Music Festival, without Maggie. Our good friends Janet and Smedly (real name Andrew) and their kids Evi, Zoe & Emet watched Maggie for us. It started out pleasantly enough: we dropped Maggie off, and she didn't even cry when we walked away. This was really nice for me because I was a little anxious about the whole thing. In the car I felt fine, but kept checking my cell phone to make sure it was on and the ringer was loud enough just in case Janet called. Sure enough, almost to Memphis Janet called: she couldn't find the noise machine which we use at naps and bedtime. She wanted to make sure it wasn't in another bag or something. Nope, I just forgot to pack it. Ok, we don't have to turn around, and she's doing fine.

We walked all over downtown Memphis: started at Rondezvous BBQ for lunch, a famed BBQ joint in Memphis for their ribs. They were PACKED!!! And, I think that impacted the ribs- they were NOT very good. Hardly any flavor, very blah. Whatever, I got the beef brisket and it was good. Then we walked down to Beale Street and all around there, then down to the park where the music festival was. It was in the mid-80's, and humidity was about 80% right there on the Mississippi. Needless to say, we were very hot and sweaty. Lucky for us, so was everyone else down there. Of the 25 bands that were there Saturday, we saw just 7. The highlights for us were Wolfmother and George Thorogood - I've wanted to see him for like 20 years. Finally go to!!! Yay! Wolfmother was a great show, too, I think that made Tyler's day. There were several other bands we wanted to see, but there were 4 stages and we had to make our priorities.

So, aside from the good music, I did get a little neurotic about Maggie around her bedtime. So from 7:30 to about 10:00 I checked my cellphone every couple of minutes to make sure I hadn't missed the call from Janet where she tells me that Maggie won't stop crying and won't go to bed and we'd have to come back. Ah, we never got that call, so that was great!

Sunday AM, we were going to sleep in at the hotel. Nope- I woke up at 7 on the button, which is usually as late at Maggie will sleep on any given day. Finally went back to sleep but the darn housekeeping lady woke us up at 9 to ask if we wanted housekeeping or if we were going to check out. That was annoying. So up we got, went for breakfast and headed back home. I had an orchestra recital to go to for one of my high school girls as soon as we got back into town, so Tyler picked up Maggie. When I finally got home at 4:40, she wasn't even happy to see me! She cried and started crawling away. But, it was SO good to come home and see her, I don't care that she was crying.

So I did it, I made it a day and half without Maggie. That was a long time. Not for her, but for me.

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TN Lehmans said...

I'm so proud of you. I know how difficult it is but getting back home is the best part of the trip! Think about me when I'm away from my "baby" for 3 weeks!