May 1, 2007

Ooh, hot!

Summer is just about here in Nashville. Monday it was in the 80's. We played outside for about an hour, a good part of that in the shade, but she still got red cheeks (from being hot, not sunburned). She also really enjoyed playing with a stick she found in the yard. So much for toys! We played outside for a good part of the afternoon Saturday, too. Maggie will push her Pooh car all over the grass and driveway, but still won't walk by herself.


kimi said...

red cheeks. we should hang out. teach her about foundation now. it will be her friend! ;) kidding.

She's SO cute!

The Harrelson Family said...

I wish i could say the same about our weather... it is about 55 degrees here. We still have 2 more months to wait for summer. Just waiting for July... Maggie is so cute