April 26, 2007

Updates & Miscellany from Maggie

Here's a BIG update (sort of): Maggie walked last Monday, 4/16. I didn't post it at the time because we are still waiting for a repeat performance so I could put up a picture or video. I wasn't expecting it at the time because she was fussing that I put her down and instead of plopping on the kitchen floor and crying like she often does, she took 3 steps to me. I tried again because I was pretty dumbfounded that she even did it, and she did 5 steps the second time. Well, I must've done something wrong when it happened, because she absolutely WILL NOT do it again!!! She wouldn't do it for our friends that came over Monday night, and she wouldn't do it for Tyler, either. She will hardly even stand unassisted unless it's on the bed or on her changing table (see picture). So my little stinker can walk, but won't. I'll keep you all posted and as soon as she decides to walk for real I'll put up a video. This picture was from Sunday afternoon.

Maggie also loves to play with Daddy. Tyler was clowing raspberries on her head and she just loved it!

An amazing shot! Do you know how many times I've tried to take a picture of Maggie wearing her sunglasses? About a million. I finally got this one, it's a little blurry, but she's so darn cute! You will notice her necklaces: she wears them everyday now, even when we run errands or go to Mother's Day Out, or bible study, or church. She is SUCH a girly girl!

Last two pictures:
This week Maggie has taken an interest in the stuffed animals I've been keeping on a shelf in her room. Maggie is quite taken with the penguin from Poppy and Mimie. She asks for it (OK - she says please in sign language and goes "Ah ah ah ah" until I pick it out for her) each morning. She will even drop lamb to hold and cuddle it.

And finally, Teletubbies. We chose having cable internet over extended cable, so we don't get Nickelodeon or any other cartoon channels, but we do get PBS. Maggie just loves the Teletubbies! Here she is this morning laughing at the intro. She will sit through the entire program! It is a really cute show, and they always have video segments of kids and animals which Maggie loves to watch.


kimi said...

jeez you guys! She is so stinking cute! I LOVE the picture of her laughing! you should print it black and white it's AMAZING!

Greg, Niki & Addie said...

Yes, Addie did that too. We were just trying to get her to stand and she walked! Then she wouldn't do it again. I'll bet that within a week or two Maggie will start walking all the time. Then it really gets good (you won't have to carry her everywhere anymore!).