April 13, 2007

During the Week: Mother's Day Out

Every Wednesday I work at Mother's Day Out at our church. I work in the babies room with Maggie, the children in there are 1-2 years old. At first, I wasn't sure I liked working in there - changing other babies' poopy diapers and cleaning runny noses was not real appealing, and Maggie bringing home a new cold each week wasn't fun either. BUT - Maggie doesn't get sick every week now, and I'm past the diapers and noses. It is a lot of fun to see all the kids (who were 1 last summer when we started and are now almost 2) play and talk and grow right before my eyes, Maggie included.

Maggie is the youngest in the group, but since I work there she has to come along. Last summer and fall when I subbed, she slept most of the time or just laid on the floor watching the other kids. Now, she's right in there playing with all the older children - stealing sippy cups, playing king of the mountain, stealing toys, etc. It's funny though, since she's the youngest and still looks like a baby without hair ALL (and I mean all) the older children want to hold her, or pat her head or hug her. She doesn't always want to ge held, so sometimes she gets pretty upset. But, I still think it's funny.

And every other child knows that Lamb is Maggie's, and if she leaves it somewhere in the gym during playtime they will bring it right to her. A lot of the moms have commented that their children talk about going to see Maggie when they are in the car on the way to MDO. Maggie, thank goodness! doesn't realize all the attention she is getting, so it isn't going to her head.

Anyway, I finally brought my camera to record some events of the day.
Maggie decided she wanted to ride in a car like the other kids. This was the first day she's ever tried to get in one of them. The car didn't work out so well, she got stuck trying to get out the bottom instead of the side door.
Sorry Zayli, I know you and Jake have an arranged marriage, but Jake's making moves on Maggie. He gave her kisses, UNPROVOKED, two times, I think, then I asked him to do it again for the camera.
Finally, two short videos from the day.
1) Maggie is still not walking on her own, BUT she can walk behind a push toy if it is heavy enough not to fly out under Maggie. I put MacKenna on the car, and she weighed it down enough that Maggie can push it, all over the gym.

2) Maggie has gotten the hang of climbing. She can get on the futon and couch in our house, the coffee table if we let her. She can also get on the rocking chairs in the nursery, which is cute, but dangerous when she stands up on it once she's up. Here she is getting up and talking. You will note that she has Lamb the entire time.

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starbucksgirl said...

Whoa. Jake's an animal. He may, however, go for a younger flirtatious latina girl.