May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Fun

We went to a birthday party for one of Maggie's friends on Memorial Day. It was a nice break from working so much.

It was HOT! About 100 degrees. Right away James was getting hot.
 Maggie had lots of fun tying water balloons.
 So, uh, the swim trunks I pulled out of some awesome hand-me-downs for James are too big. As evidences here by the major saggage. 
 Yep. Too hot. Clothes came off. Nothing wrong with a nearly-naked baby at a 6 year old girls' birthday party.
 Maggie scooched over for a quick hug.
 "I know I can push this dump truck to that cool place over there so I can play."
 I made it!
 ... and I gave in and let Maggie have an entire can of grape soda for her very own. She nursed that thing for an hour, I am not kidding!
 Uh oh! Wet swim diapers (from the kiddie pool) and dirt don't mix.
 Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "dirty diaper", doesn't it!
 Maggie having the time of her life playing with a bunch of kids her age (the girl next to her is several years older, not a giant 1st grader).
 After getting hosed off, he needed some cuddle time with Alistair and his mama. And what is UP with that vein in my forehead. I swear to you it only shows up on iPhone photos.
 Did you know that "Maggie, it's time to go, find your flops, please" is code for "go cover yourself with sand in the sand box?!" She was having so much fun, it was sad to make her go home with us!

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