October 8, 2011

Tyler Had A Visitor Labor Day Weekend

 I can't believe I didn't post these already. Labor Day weekend Tyler's male soul mate, Josh, visited. I took a cue from my friend Niki's husband Greg who corralled their kids all weekend so I could enjoy Niki. So Tyler and Josh had uninterrupted time together. And let me tell you, those boys enjoyed themselves. Additionally - I think Josh does not eat regularly when he's home. He ate and ate and ate while he was here. Tyler didn't say, but he may have had to purchase a 2nd seat on Southwest for the flight home.
  Josh is a big turkery hunter. So the turkeys that visit our yard were a real treat, as was this huge flock down the road from our house. We parked and watched these turkeys for a good 1/2 hour. So much fun!

 And Maggie also enjoyed Josh. I don't remember why she needed to have a pitchfork on the front porch, but she was embarrassed I took her picture.

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