March 20, 2012


The 2nd week of March they had the annual AWANA games - and as a Sparky, she "competed" in the Sparks-A-Rama. It was pretty cute. I don't think she really knew what was going on, but she had a LOT of fun. Especially when she got her ribbon for FOURTH Place (4th of 4 teams, by the way).
Ready to go.
 Here's James not enjoying Cubbie Bear. He hooted and hollered and pointed and squealed with glee every time he saw Cubby Bear, until he got up close. Even after this unhappy hold, he still got excited when he saw Cubby. 
Ready for the first game. It was some kind of free-for-all crawling event. 
Relay time.

SO very happy with her ribbon and patch for her Sparks vest. A fun Saturday morning!

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