December 16, 2009


I am recovering from my knee surgery. Below I've outlined a brief timeline of the past week.
Last Tuesday: checked in at the surgery center at 9:15 as instructed.
9:30 taken back to change into a lovely paper gown, given an IV and a bed.
12:30 (that's right, 3 hours later) Tyler is finally brought back. The admitting nurse forgot to bring him back.
2:30 anesthesiologist comes back to get me ready for surgery. The last thing I remember after they put the meds in my IV is the nurse asking if I was tired yet, and my reply was "No, I don't feel tired."
6:00 (or thereabouts) some nurse is roughing me up trying to get me to put my clothes on. I remember nothing of the past hour in recovery. Surgery went well, the doctor told Tyler several items that he could not remember.
That evening, I vaguely remember eating dinner, but I slept through most of it. I do remember yelling out to Tyler to "make sure to put the teacups away." We don't have any teacups - I was dreaming, but still talking out loud. Gotta love those pain meds!
Wednesday: slept most of the day. Took a lot of pain medication because it felt like I was being stabbed over and over any time I tried to get out of bed.
Thursday: finally able to stay awake for any period of time.
Friday: Mom went home. first time out of the house - went to my first post-surgery physical therapy appointment. It went well. Had Maggie to myself all afternoon. Let's not talk about how much TV I let her watch.
Saturday: have no idea what we did. Hmmm.
Sunday: made Tyler take me to church, and then home fellowship. Tyler's dad flies in.
Monday: First day not on pain meds. Yay! Clarity! Physical therapy went well, leg is still sore.
Tuesday: We drove out to see the progress on the house. Lookin' good. Forgot my camera - dang!
Wednesday: follow-up with the doctor and stitches out. He showed me all kinds of pictures they took during surgery of the inside of my knee. It was fascinating! I should've asked for copies, I could have posted them on the blog! I have been cleared to fly home for Christmas.

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Melea said...

I enjoyed hearing your day by day recovery journal. I didn't think you were at church, as I didn't see you!