December 3, 2009

Knee Update

Hey everyone, my surgery got bumped from tomorrow to Tuesday (12/8). Monday the doctor said I needed to have more mobility in my knee before surgery, because going in for knee surgery with a stiff knee makes it more likely that I would end up not regaining full mobility afterwards! And while I was disappointed in having to delay my surgery, I really don't want to have any additional problems (I inflict enough of my own). So next Tuesday it is.

Today in physical therapy I was able to get my knee to bend far enough to meet the doctor's criteria. It always feels like it is not moving as far as I want it to, so it was quite a happy shock!

And I am continually humbled and thankful for how much help all of my friends and the church have been throughout all of this. I have more people who want to help than I have need right now, it is just amazing. The Lord always provides what I need, right when I need it.

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