December 23, 2009

Christmas Program at Mother's Day Out

Last Thursday (12/17) Maggie's Mother's Day Out had their annual Christmas program. Maggie got to be a lamb. I thought that was quite appropriate! For most of the songs she mumbled just a little bit, but towards the end she got more comfortable and started singing

You can see the shadows of the shepherds on the wall behind her.
Maggie was checking out the girl who played the angel in the nativity.
Sitting with her "herd" of lambs and other animals waiting to go on stage.
Singing "Jingle Bells."
Everyone singing "Joy to the World". So cute!
Daddy made it to her program. She was so happy to see him.
Grampa John was still in town helping me after my surgery, not sure who that other guy in the background is.

Enjoying the buffet of snacks. She kept hopping around from friend to friend to eat with them.

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