July 16, 2007

Time for Art

This weekend I bought Maggie a pack of markers. I thought they would be a fun change from crayons, which requies us to stand guard so she doesn't eat them. Markers are a lot messier, so I took off her shirt before putting her in my lap at the computer desk for some art time. Here are her latest masterpieces: "scribble du'jour", and "painted belly" (you have to look between her fingers).

I tried to keep her from drawing on her belly, but she's quick! Each time she put a marker on her belly she'd say "oh" like she knew it was naughty. =)

Also, she is still exhibiting right-handed tendencies, which is a big let-down for the DeWaard crowd (me, too), I know. I was hoping she'd be a lefty like her Mama.

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