July 2, 2007

VBS last week

Last week my friend, Dixie, and I herded around 13 1st graders for Vacation Bible School at our church. Maggie and Dixie's little girl, Zayli (rhymes with Bailey), had a great time in the nursery with the little kids who aren't old enough to do VBS yet. I left my camera with the ladies in the nursery Weds- Fri so they could take pictures of the kids.

Maggie LOVED snack time!
Maggie and Zayli enjoy some reading.
How the nursery staff got all those little kids to hold onto that rope is beyond me! Here they are on their way out the door to the playground.
Playing on the seesaw: Emma, Maggie and Zayli.
The quad stroller can be a lifesaver! You can pile it full of kids and push them around to get them to calm down (as long as they aren't leaning over and poking each other!)
Do you see what I see?! Maggie with a POPSICLE!!! I guess sometimes it's better to think they are getting a nutritional snack when they don't tell you what they ate, than to find out when you put load the pictures onto your computer that your daughter got to eat a stick of sugar for a snack. =) I guess since she doesn't really talk yet and she can't ask for a popsicle at home it'll be alright.

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