June 25, 2007

Sunny Florida

Here are some pictures from summer camp. Maggie and I went with 30 junior and senior high schoolers to Panama City Beach, Florida last week. Of course, when I got home, I realized I really only took pictures of Maggie, not the rest of the group.

Maggie at the pool. She didn't like being in her life jacket or a floaty toy - she prefered to cling to me for dear life! On the last day, however, she did decide that it was fun to walk off the edge into the pool and have Mama cach her right before her head went under.
Maggie and Evi Yates (of Janet & Smedly Yates) digging rocks out of the grate.
Maggie, Evi & Zoe first thing in the morning. Gotta love that morning hair!
Playing in the sand on the beach- had a blast! She didn't touch the little sand castle I made for her at all, which I thought was funny.
More sand, in the evening before the last message.
A gorgeous sunset to cap off the week.

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