June 14, 2007

Seattle Wrap-Up

We made it home late last night, putting Maggie to bed around 11 p.m. Nashville time. Not sure why I decided to book a flight that got in so late...

Here are some random pictures from our trip that I didn't post before. It's hard to get everything organized and ready for the blog when you don't have your own computer.

Me curling Grandma Pearl's hair Tuesday morning, saves a trip to the salon.
Maggie with Grampa John before bed.
Maggie going in for a kiss.
With Grammy Ammy.
Uncle Brian, a favorite.
Looking like such a big girl eating her lunch with Gramma Sue.
Sunday, June 3 was a record-breaker in the Seattle area: 84 degrees! Maggie ran around in her diaper all afternoon. Loved the sprinkler on her legs, not so much on her back.
A long drink after playing so hard!
With Uncle Zach and Winston the cat, "helping" him on the computer.

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