July 24, 2007

Melissa's secret pasttime

It was a fairly well-hidden secret untl early this summer that I was a Harry Potter fan. I don't mean robe-wearing, wand-carrying book-quoting nerderola; but I really enjoyed the movies so I read the books. So, when the final book was announced, I pre-ordered my book (way back in April!), and during the past several weeks have been rereading through the ENTIRE series (which is well over 3,000 pages) in preparation for the final book's release. Poor Tyler, I was really behind last week, so ALL I DID was read - no laundry, very little cleaning the house - just reading and taking care of Maggie.

Friday morning (July 20) I went to Borders where I had preordered my book and got my wristband, so I could come back that night to wait in line to get the book right after midnight. I finished reading book 6 that afternoon and Friday night I got to Borders at about 10:30 p.m. to get in line. I perused the store for about 1/2 hour watching all the crazies in their costumes, then realized people were already lining up!!! So at 11 I got in line, and there were already like 100 people in front of me.

Well, the midnight bell tolled, and we were off! Everyone was hooting and hollering as the line wound it's way up to the cashiers (they were smart and had every register open). I got my book & free poster and was back to my car at 12:15. Here's a picture for proof.
I got home at 12:30, read until 4:30, slept until 7 when maggie woke up, started reading at 7:30 when Tyler took Maggie out to breakfast, read until 10:45, got cleaned up for the day, gave Maggie lunch, met a woman about wedding flowers, then got back home at 1:30, and tended to Maggie and read at the same time and finished the book at 5:30. It was really good! I won't ruin the ending for anyone, but I thought it tied up all the loose ends.


kimi said...

my friend Cori is this bad too! man I feel like I'm missing out (haven't read any of them) and two people now are just crazy for the series? man I'm behind the times. happy reading!

Anonymous said...


EJ & I are both Harry Potter nuts too. If you would like to discuss the last book, you can e-mail me. It was one of my favorites!


Teresa said...

Just finished.....SO HAPPY with the way it ended!