March 23, 2006

What's with the mega poops?!?!?

Ok, Maggie is going through a "phase" where she only poops every couple of days. Last week she had a HUGE blowout and I realized she probably needed to be in size 1 diapers, not newborns. So we move up diaper sizes. Moving up diaper sizes only works when your baby poops on a daily basis. NO diaper can handle a 5-day stockpile of poop. See proof below. There was so much it shot out the back. She waited until Daddy left this morning to do her deed, so Mama could gag over cleaning this one. Poor baby had to have a bath after all that pooping!


angie said...

Okay.. that wasn't necessary. We only want to see the cute stuff!

Addie's grandma said...

Whew! I could almost smell it from here :*(

Addie's grandma said...

P.S. At least you can throw the poop and the diaper away. We used to have to rinse off the poop in the toilet, and then wash, dry, and fold them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa - Tara from PO,
Yep..My dear daughter poops every other day...sometimes then 2 big blowouts to make up for it. Are you using cloth? From the comment here, sounds like you aren't

Greg and Niki said...

Yes! We know all about these blowouts! You don't know whether to throw up, or applaud. Addie had one at church on Sunday and covered her outfit. So take note- always bring an extra outfit.

Poppy said...

Dear Maggie and Mom,
Okay Mel, that's gross and Maggie won't appreciate that when she's a teenager either!!!! I really can see you gagging through that mess. Lovely.
But I love you both dearly.
Poppy DeWaard