March 3, 2006

More smiles from Maggie for my birthday

My baby girl is smiling more and more every day, here is one from my birthday - after dinner, after changing her diaper. She likes to look at Eli the elephant on her changing table and she'll coo at it and smile. I was able to get this smile on camera - one of the few!

This other picture is a good representation of how Maggie spent my entire birthday dinner out. Asleep. No screaming or crying in a public place, no happy cooing and smiling, no gas or burps, NOTHING. She was totally out. She will sleep anywhere any time except in her crib between the hours of 10pm - midnight daily. We've really got to get this night owl on a Mama-friendly schedule!

1 comment:

Niki said...

She looks like her aunt Tara! Has anyone told you guys that?