March 27, 2006

How DID she do that?!?!?!?!

Look what I found this morning at 2am when I went her room in to feed her because she woke up and was fussing (this photo is a reenactment of that event, I did not actually have my camera ready to go in the middle of the night).

Ok. Maggie is 2 months today, 3/27/06. So, at two months, she cannot yet crawl, or sit up and can't even really grab anything with her hands. So will someone please tell me how on EARTH she was able to:
-get out from under her covers (I tuck them in under her sleep positioner really tight)
-wiggle out of the sleep positioner I put her in
-wiggle all the way to the edge of the bed
-and end up at a 90-degree angle from how she was put in bed
Honestly. I was so shocked I let her keep fussing for a minute while I roused Tyler from a good night's sleep just to confirm what I was seeing!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa - this is Tara from Port Orchard - our kids were super wigglers I started putting them into Sleep Sacks instead of any blanket - and no sleep positioners or bumpers (I was too leery of those after hearing about the rare instances of children pushing their faces right up against their bumpers and suffocating. So bare beds for our kids! :) Call me when you are in town.