December 20, 2005

Christmas Photo

Here's the Christmas photo we sent out this year. It was taken Thanksgiving weekend in Phoenix when we were visiting Tara and Alex and our new little niece, Alexis. We had a great time there. It really got the excitement up for the arrival of Maggie.
With Christmas upon us, we are ever thankful to a gracious God who allowed his Son to be born among sinners so that we might have a way of being reconciled to God. What an amazing blessing! May you look to Christ for the true meaning of Christmas!

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Steven James Burks said...

You guys look great. So wonderful to see you ... Online at least. And your child! What a blessing! Been trying to find your contact information. We haven't spoken in years, though we should. Tyler and/or Melissa, please shoot me an email!

Grace to you!

/steven (james burks)
sjb at amlmedia dot com