March 26, 2007

A Week in Ensenada

We got back from Ensenada, Mexico on Saturday night, really late. Now, when you think of Mexico beaches, usually you think of lots of sun, right? Well, you'd be wrong. We only had about a day total of fair skies, and even then it wasn't warm enough for me to even think about taking the tags off my new swimsuit. But we did have a great time with Tyler's family, and the house we stayed in was really cool (except for the cold water showers and broken furnace). We played a lot of card games (I suck at Hearts by the way), filled out countless sudoku, crossword and other word puzzle pages in the books Tara brought, watched lots of cable TV, ate a lot of food and the boys drank a lot of Corona.

Our first part of the journey involved us flying out to Orange County, CA on Saturday and staying with friends of Tara & Alex. We OF COURSE had to have lunch at In-N-Out Burger on Sunday on our way from OC to Ensenada. Maggie liked it just fine, AND figured out how to drink out of a straw when we were there.
Once in Ensenada, we went to the Costco and another grocery store to get our supplies for the week. Alexis and maggie had a good time in the 2-seater cart.
Tuesday we went to "La Bufadora". It's a natural hole in the cliffs right on the ocean that spouts up water with the tide. It was pretty fun to watch.
A tradition: the men, their cigars, and some Corona. It was really windy and cold, but the braved it for the afternoon. You'll note the Coronas are on the ground, maybe it was too windy to keep them on the table?
And, pictures at the beach. It was a sunny afternoon, but still a little cool. Maggie took a little while to acclimate to the sand, but once she did she had a great time - even ate a mouthful of it!!! In fact, when we put her down on the wet sand closer to the water, she turned around and crawled backwards, like she was going down stairs to get away from it. (see video).
Maggie climbed into Alexis' beach chair all on her own! And would you look at the perfect posture? I love it!
Maggie and Daddy walking on the beach where we stayed. The view from our house really was spectacular! Lots of beautiful waves, and you could see the lights of Ensenada at night.

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