August 4, 2007

Did someone say Cheese?

Monday Maggie hid her sippy cup full of milk. I could not find her sippy cup, and began to question my own sanity. I looked everywhere each day, hoping it would turn up. It did turn up on Thursday. We were getting ready in the morning and tyler yells "Mel, Mel! What's this water doing on the bedroom floor?" I immediately thought Maggie had wiggled out of her clothes and diaper and peed on the floor, but I saw her scoot down the hall fully clothed. The "water" was coming from her Pooh-mobile - her ride-on toy. "That's odd," I thought to myself, it hasn't been outside in the rain or anything... and then it dawned on me! That was NOT water, it was whey - the water that separates out of milk as it curdles. Maggie hid her sippy in the storage compartment of the Pooh mobile, and it had been sitting there for 3 days.

I cleaned up the VERY stinky, smelly liquid on the floor, and in the Pooh-mobile. Then I went to tackle the sippy cup. Uck! The milk had turned to cheese. I am not kidding, cheese. The fat in whole milk curdles really easily, and since we keep the house about 78-80 in the summer, it was nice and warm to let that process continue (for 3 days). Below is a picture of her sippy cup right before I dumped the cheese and remaining whey down the drain. It had the smell and consistency of a soft Feta cheese, but I wasn't brave enough to try it. Who knows, maybe Maggie will be a cheese connoisseur when she grows up!

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kimi said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth. wow you're a good mom. I would have cried, screamed and found the mask, goggles and gloves. you da woman!