July 14, 2009

Montana Pics

Our trip to Montana was the first time Tyler and I had been there since 2005, and Maggie's first. she got to meet Uncle Ken & Aunt Regina, Jason & Lori and Josh & Katie. It was so fun to all be together, I'm sad I had to ruin it with my sprained ankle!

Thursday night (7/2) we celebrated Grandma Pearl's 80th birthday. All the grandchildren and great-grandchildren except Olivia got to be there. In attendance: Tyler, Josh, Jason, Lori. Grandma Pearl in the armchair. Me, Alexis, Maggie, Gabby, Tara and Katie.
All three girls slept for a while in the car on the way up to the lake house from Missoula (7/3am).
Gramma reading Llama Llama Red Pajama to Maggie and Alexis. She read it to them almost every night, and they loved it!
Amron and Aunt Regina at the hospital with me (7/3pm).
4th of July parade. Josh wheeled me the 3-4 blocks from their house to out spot at the parade. RIGHT next to a person who was actually disabled. I felt like such a poser with my sprained ankle when 5 feet away was someone mising limbs. The girls waved their flags faithfully, until they got too hot, about 5 minutes later. Luckily, they were giving out lots of popsicles!See - popsicles. I think the girls had 2 or 3. Such a good idea - it was in the 90's that day, and we were standing in full sun.This was my favorite float at the parade - some random UFO.

Here is Lori playing with the girls. They thought she did an awesome "monster" impersonation!
I just love love love this shot of Maggie and Alexis. Having so much fun, and more than once Maggie told her "I love you, Cousin Alexis."
Tyler picked these wildflowers while he and his dad were at the family cabin on his birthday, 7/3. There is no cell phone service up there (can you IMAGINE?!?!) and picked them because he thought I would enjoy them, not because he knew about my ankle. He didn't find out until midday on the 4th.
Gabby, Alexis and Maggie waiting on the dock for the fireworks to start.
Daddy and Maggie watching fireworks on the lake.Maggie got tired, and needed to cuddle with her mama. Note the wheelchair.

One evening Maggie and Alexis found a giant nightcrawler in the dirt. They squealed and giggled for about an hour tossing it into the air, and carrying it on a stick. Here's Maggie proudly displaying her worm.
Alexis with the worm./>
Enjoying 'smores. Maggie only ate about 1/2 of hers, but Aunt Regina got a great shot of the stringy marshmallow on it.
Our little family at Lake Mary Ronan.

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