May 26, 2010

Got to see Uncle Zach

My brother, Zach, has been working for a military contractor in Kuwait for the past year. He came home for vacation at the beginning of May and Maggie and I were able to come home for a quick visit.

Walking to the car at the airport. (My mom had neck surgery about a month before, and had to wear this crazy brace all the time!)
My (step)dad has taken up playing the bass in his old age. He's putting on a concert here with friend Janet. It was a lot of fun, and some revenge for all the years he made me whip out my saxophone and play concerts when friends and family stopped in. maggie insisted in staying up to watch the whole thing.
Halfway through the night Maggie decided she'd had enough of not being the center of attention, and proceeded to sing several songs to Janet. Here's part of one of them:

We also drove up to see more of my family. Classy at dinner. This is Maggie, Grandma Margaret, Uncle Dick, cousin Brady and brother Zach.
Maggie and her Grandma Margaret.
It was a quick trip, but fun.

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