February 2, 2012

Maggie's 6th Birthday

My sweet girl is SIX years old. So wonderful. Having her has been such a special blessing from the Lord. I know I don't cherish every day like I should, but Maggie still makes my heart full to bursting! 

Here are some pictures from her special days (Friday was her birthday, Saturday was her party).
Maggie got a special birthday crown in her kindergarten class. Gramma and Grampa joined her for lunch (Maggie wanted only them to come, not Mommy or James). the cafeteria offers a wide variety of salads, which is great. Their dressing selection leaves something to be desired, however. Their CHOICE was Ranch. Not really a choice when that's the only flavor they have.
 Getting ready for gifts!

Annual balloons.

 Sweet girl, sweet card. So cute!!!

So just because she LIKES Justin Beiber (which we are not encouraging) does not mean people need to be buying her Justin Beiber merchandise!!! ACK. I will be hiding this and another set of note pads soon. But she was excited about her notebook and her Hello Kitty fedora, which has been worn to school 3 days this week.
 Gramma Spaid got Maggie a set of diamond earrings. That's one set more than her mama has...
And the ultimate gift, one every 6-year old girl dreams of, a REAL bow and arrow set. Ok - our 6-year old dreams of them. She's asked for several years already. She and Daddy will have lots of fun with her new compound bow.
Posing with her cake for birthday night, and the cake pops I made for her party.

Owl cake pops.
 I bought a some super cute clip art designs on Etsy.com and designed all my own party decorations and invitations. I love stuff like that!

These girls are all sitting still for the picture, but it was UTTER CHAOS AND PANDEMONIUM while we made the other party favor (a little stuffed owl- no pictures in progress, too crazy), made mini pizzas, ate dinner, had cake pops, watched Maggie open gifts.There were 13 crazy kids in attendance. I needed an ibuprofen when they all went home.
Maggie and her two besties. 
She did ask specifically for one cupcake so she could blow out a candle.
 The cake pops were met with great anticipation, and enjoyed thoroughy.
 I decided to allow gifts this year, since a lot of the other school girls have parties with gifts, and I didn't know how it would come across if I said "no". It was an experiment and fun this year - we will not be doing that again, for many reasons.
All the girlies posing with their owls.

Maggie and Zayli with their owls, Zeke had to sneak in for the picture. 
And James as already in bed for the night when I realized I hadn't taken a picture of Tyler and I with Maggie. 
Maggie had such a great time at her party. She said it was her Best. Party. EVER. I will call that a success! (And I get to do it all over again for James' 1st birthday party in a month!)

My dear sweet girl, I love you so much. You light up my days, Sunshine!

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Janet Yates said...

What a cute party!!! Good job, Melissa!