April 5, 2006

A Day at the Lake

There is a small lake in Metro Nashville that everyone raves about, so we finally hopped in the car and drove over to check it out on Saturday. Lake Radnor is a nature preserve with lots of wildlife and indigenous flowers, so no strollers on the paths. Tyler happily put Maggie in the carrier* and we walked around the lake, about 2 hours start to finish. Look at her little legs poking out the bottom! She slpet just about the whole time we were out.

There were turtles on every log around the shore, it was pretty comical by the time we were done with our walk, it seemed like there was a turtle infestation.

*I could never get Maggie to like the sling for a long enough period to attempt to even go on an outing with her in it. So, I had to buy a front carrier. It was a great purchase - she loves it!

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