February 11, 2007

Maggie eats, a lot!

Here are two short videos of Maggie eating.
we have ventured into the land of eating with a spoon. She thinks it is a whole bunch of fun, and is getting better at it. I think she ate most of her oatmeal the other day by herself. It was still a big mess, but less mess than the soup day.

And here is Maggie getting cake from Daddy. We can't eat any kind of sweets around her without her going nuts for them, so desserts stay hidden until she goes to bed!

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Greg and Niki said...

DANG! She is REALLY GOOD with that spoon! Is she advanced for her age or is my girlie slow? :) Let's just say Maggie is advanced. Addie still uses her spoon like a drum stick. And, by the way, Maggie is a very cute cake-eater.