February 4, 2007

New Maggie Video - with sound effects!

Here's a clip from Daddy --
We finally got our new video camera in the mail (a single CCD Panasonic PV-GS85 for those who care). So, I started taking pictures of Maggie going up the stairs successfully for only the second time by herself. Then, I remembered all the fun cat noises Maggie is starting to make. So, I decided to get those on tape. We started out with me helping her but then Blitz came in and reminded her what cats sound like. The thing is, Blitz does not meow like other cats, he howls like a wolf. So now that's what Maggie thinks all cats sound like. That will be an embarrassing first day of kindergarten--oh well! Please enjoy this video--it's over four minutes but well worth all the Maggie cuteness.
Smell ya' later. Tyler

1 comment:

Greg and Niki said...

I cannot believe she howls like that at the cat! That is hilarious!