August 20, 2008

Starting Her on Chores Early

One of the best things about Maggie wanting to help me all the time now is that there are some things I can have her do with minimal supervision. Feeding the dang cat is one of those (note love him/hate him tone in "dang cat"). I just set the food bin right next to his feeder and let her have at it. Maggie does a pretty good job, too. In the past 2 times I've had her do it, she's spilled less than a dozen bits of food. Which, by the way, she enjoys picking up and carefully putting in his dish. She then supervises the cat eating his food, and sometimes "encourages" him to eat by pushing his face into the food. Blitz has gained an incredible amount of patience for Maggie, something I didn't think he would ever have. The next time she gives him a full-body hug, I'll try to get that on the camera.

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