November 27, 2008

Turkey Bowl 6

It's an annual tradition for the crazy people in our church to get together at 8 a.m. at a local park to play some flag football. This year, the entire Spaid family joined in.

Looks like Maggie is about to hike, it, doesn't she? Yep, I took that shot. I'm so glad it turned out! Here she is, appeasing Mama, for a shot with the football. Tyler didn't get to play this year, he helped man the video cameras for the highlight reel, but he still got some exercise. It was a chilly morning, so Maggie and her friend Shealy got under some blankets to keep warm.The team that won the "Smedly Cup". Smed is our old youth pastor who started Turkey Bowl in 2002. The cup is in his honor. We love you, Smed (and Janet, and kiddos)!


starbucksgirl said...

Yeah, the Smed cup lives!!

Anonymous said...