December 1, 2008

Some Extra Thanksgiving Pictures

We went to Seth & Dixie's for Thanksgiving, and were joined by Jamin & Christie and their girls and Christie's parents. This is the first year all the big girls got to sit by themselves to eat their dinner! Who would've thought the kiddie table was so much fun? Our dinner was punctuated by giggles, shrieks, and lots of laughing. Nyah drew a turkey placemat for everyone at our dinner. So sweet! The damages. We forgot to take a before picture, but there was a LOT of food. And Christie's turkey turned out absolutely fabulously!!! The turkey was still moist AFTER dinner. Yum Yum! After dinner, the girls watched a Disney movie. The guys chill out to some football. I think the triptophan got to Tyler. Seth didn't like having his picture taken.
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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